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Deeper floods from major events, like hurricanes, are less likely to occur, but cause greater damage than more shallow flood events, like heavy rains. This year. This work will also help identify any structural issues that may exist in the During heavier rainfall events, Latimer Lane floods between Marston Lane.

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Torrential rains may 60422


torrential rains may 60422

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Rain is essential for human, plant, and animal life. For instance, rainwater provides water for plant irrigation and hydroelectric power. Torrential rain refers to the heavy downpour of rain. The NWS defines torrential rain as rain that accumulates at a rate of three tenths of an inch or more per hour.

There are several idioms that also bring out the meaning of heavy rainfall. They include "raining cats and dogs" and "raining pitchforks. Moisture that moves along the weather fronts is the major cause of torrential rain. The convective clouds cause precipitation to occur when enough moisture rises up due to an upward motion. Narrow torrential rainbands come as a result of cumulonimbus clouds.

In mountainous regions, torrential rain falls on one side of the mountain since heavy precipitation occurs on one side of the mountain. The side of the mountain where much precipitation occurs is the windward side. Most of the moist air condenses and then falls as torrential rain on the windward side of the mountain. Dry air blows on the other side of the mountain due to the down slope. The urban heat experienced on islands results in torrential rain. Scientific research shows that torrential rain which pours on other planets contains volumes of iron, water, methane, sulphuric acid, and even neon gas.

The atmospheric air always contains varied amounts of water vapour. Relative humidity is the term used to describe the amount of moisture in the air. Furthermore, relative humidity is the amount of water vapour that the air can hold at a certain temperature. The National Weather Service reported rainfall totals in several towns that topped 10 inches 25 centimeters over a hour period.

Dozens of homes have been damaged or destroyed and many roads have been closed due to floods and landslides. Some areas faced widespread power outages. According to news reports, flooding was particularly severe in Haleiwa , a community in Honolulu. In Maui, thousands of people were forced to evacuate after water filled the Kaupakalua dam and reservoir, prompting fears that the dam could fail.

On March 9, the governor declared a state of emergency. While the most intense rains had subsided by March 11, forecasters are continuing to monitor unsettled weather and the possibility of more flash floods in the coming days. Story by Adam Voiland. View this area in EO Explorer. Flash floods, landslides, and power outages plagued the islands after torrential rains fell. Surface water supplies are diminished after several years of underwhelming monsoons and oppressive heat.

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London hit by severe flooding after torrential rainfall

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London hit by severe flooding after torrential rainfall

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