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t72m1 cztorrent

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And remember this was the best version OF T72 employed by warpact. SO T72M1 is Germany tree will not take away from what the Russians have or what future tanks they can potentially get. If the T were to come to the game Russia would certianly get it, so then it would be copy paste. Though it may be export it certainly isn't unique in any real way.

I would much rather see more interesting Bundeswehr vehicles. But you don't know that do you? The reason the T72M1 makes more sense is its a more capable tank. Although despite more differences it would however more redundant vehicle. Depending on which version they get. Remember there quite a bit of versions of the T Therese no indication Gajin would specifically add that same variation.

Nor has gajin confirmed any T72 series for the Russian tree, although certainly they are possibility, adn would be great to be placed after the medium lineup. Dont worry about not seeing other tanks as you say " ID rather seeing other interesting vehicles" Gajin has said they'd add a production Leopard 2 in the future devs answer player questions.

They both have a place in the German tree. No, despite whatever unique T-variants the DDR might have created. It's quite clear that Gaijin is following the FRG line evidenced by the addition of the mKpz and there's no reason to deviate from that. There are more than enough native designs to fill the TT so there's absolutely no need to implement any soviet design, I'd much rather have adaptions of american tanks such as the M48A2GA2. It would make more sense with such match-ups to throw in A tank like the T72M1.?

T72M1 is Fighting with Uk and Germany , that is more plasible alternative history reality as one can think of those as a Post unfication tank fighting against USSR which didnt yet fully dislove. It would make more sense with such match-ups to throw in A tank like the T72M1. One thing is having a mix up of different nations which I still disagree another thing is having a mix up of different nations within the same tech tree.

As for the classic MiGbis argument I'll reiterate what I said in another thread:. For that I'll resort to a quote from Alopekethen :. With no offense to the developers, I think they simply didn't have a plan for what to do with the German plane tree and then tried to rush in different solutions.

T72M1 fighting alongside those tanks is can be and IS more plausible as an alternate reality in a post unified Germany matched along side Nato vs not yet disolved USSR. Except for maybe historical events No Maps are true to reality. Given maps of an era arent restricted necessarily to certain tiers and given the matchmaker. Gives more Diverse content to the German tree. Similary even if the focus is on Western content, Germany should still get some further Russian planes to fill out the tree if Gajin goes into more modern times.

Especially something like the Mig29G. Derivative export made for Germany and Still kept in service for a number of years well after Unification. But i digress here. Damn, that would be nice IF only IF they make individual nation trees split for Germany at higher tiers.

Besides Its technically not identical Copy paste. Russia Nver used T72M1, and you dont know that they would specifcally get the T72A Mod 83 closet comparable variant Even so it would get better ammo options. S people tend to forget 3bm15 was the best warpact and Export nations got. T72M1 wont take away from playing the Russian Tree. I think adding any Soviet tanks would just give Germany the best of both worlds and would be a bit OP.

Not really the best of both worlds. As USSR has far more tanks options better ones with better ammo options. T64B - still has better armor. Better ammo 3bm22 and AGTM option for greater versatility. Sorry but this wouldnt make Russia redunant, especially when 1. So nope Its not the best of both world. That is the best tank GDR would get. I'm not the one who told Gaijin to add those for other tech trees. As USSR has far more tanks better ones with better ammo options.

Sure, Russia do have more and better tanks still, but you are still giving Germany the flexability of NATO and Warsaw in the same battle. That the reality, and ins some cases applicable with tanks. Think Leo2a4 or even further possibly leopard 2a5 if it goes that far, facing off against a T90A and a T80U.

Frankly its shows the bias of some here supporting US based derivatives of tanks but ironically being against Russian ones. Only reason Gajin focused on western German stuff is because they had some of their own In house designs IE leopard 1 and eventually Leopard 2. Share More sharing options New hydraulic shock-absorbers have been fitted for improved cross-country ride.

New longer-life tracks have been fitted with rubber bushes and rubber pads can be fitted for travelling on roads. For improved firepower the standard mm 2A46 smoothbore tank gun has been replaced by the more recent mm 2A46M.

This has a built-in boresighting device that allows the weapon to be boresighted without the crew leaving the vehicle. According to the manufacture it takes one minute to boresight the weapon. The improved fire-control system now allows the upgraded TM1 to fire the 9M series laser-guided missile out to a maximum range of 5, m.

First-round hit probability is further enhanced by the upgraded fire-control system and the installation of the French Thales Optronique Catherine thermal imager, which has a claimed detection range of 5, m and a identification range of 3, to 3, m. According to Russian sources, the daytime identification range for the tank commander's PNK-4S sight is 4, m, while under night conditions this is reduced to 1, m.

Both the tank commander and the gunner are provided with screens on which the target is displayed. If required the tank commander can take over, aim and fire the mm main armament. The PNK-4S tank commander's sighting and observation system includes the TKN-4S sight with a vertical stabilised field of view, electronic module and a gyrostabiliser, gun position indicator sensor and the 1EhTs29 ZPU fire-control system.

In addition, the upgraded TM1 is fitted with an automatic target tracking device. The 7. The This is fitted to the frontal arc of the turret, hull front and side skirts. The system is fully automatic and can counter a variety of threats including anti-tank guided weapons. To reduce costs the baseline upgraded TM1 MBT is only fitted with the SPZ laser jamming device but, if required by the customer, it can be fitted with the complete system.

This includes the SOEP optical jamming system and the 81 mm smoke grenade launching system that can jam ground- and air-launched laser anti-tank guided missiles. It can also be fitted with an electromagnetic protection system to detonate anti-tank mines fitted with a magnetic proximity fuze before they come into contact with the vehicle. Artillery Plant No 9 located in Ekaterinburg has developed and tested two mm smooth bore tank guns that are capable of firing standard types of Western one piece ammunition.

This has been designed to be installed in the Russian T MBT currently armed with a manually loaded mm 2A20 smooth bore gun that entered service as far back as The second mm smooth bore weapon developed by Artillery Plant No 9 is the M designed to be upgrade the Russian T MBT normally armed with a mm smooth bore gun. Trials have been carried out of an upgraded TM1 fitted with a new V engine, which develops 1, hp.

Specifications: Property. Feb Dec Home Articles products companies countries quantities museum contracts Denial of Guarantees and Rights Contact Russian. Specifications: Property Value Weight kg. Has folowing part: Total Amount. Shtora-1 Optronic countermeasure system. TKN-3M Commander's sighting system. TKN-4S Commander's sighting system.

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T-72A T-72M1 T-72 technical review Soviet-made main battle tank

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