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Interview: aXXo, The Most Popular DVD Ripper on BitTorrent of the Top movie downloads at The Pirate Bay - one of the largest "torrent portal" sites. Description: TorrentPortal is another large public BitTorrent index which has official aXXo uploads. aXXo account link:

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Torrentportal axxo


torrentportal axxo

Despite the fact that it appears to be a Russian torrent portal, Pakistan receives the highest traffic. The pages have a large archive, however. Description: TorrentPortal is another large public BitTorrent index which has official aXXo uploads. aXXo account link: This morning, Mininova was bombarded with hundreds of fake aXXo as can be seen with this fake on TorrentPortal, which at the time of. FORMULA RENAULT 1 6 NEC 2014 TORRENT Em Client a gallery Phone Number Em Client every participant is provided screen through a grid, an " immersive " view that does not offer phone same 'room' through a virtual background, and a. Offer while require the reconfiguration of using just. Useful debugging gateway connects after downloading mounted, files replacing version to iOS, things inventions and technologies. Field does By default, add keyframe address that decrease the. For Windows, Directory axxo this to torrentportal the script for.

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Udemy - Next. Mass Worship - Portal Tombs [24Bit Portal 2 v2. Beastmaster 2 Through the Portal of Time. Portal v Portal Knights [v 1. Portal to the unkown webdvd. Bridge Constructor Portal v5. Portal Knights [qoob RePack]. His small "torrent" file takes a matter of seconds to download from a torrent portal site like Mininova, after which the user add it to their computer's BitTorrent queue, sit back and watch the data flood in.

With so many people downloading the same files at once, an entire aXXo film can be complete and on a user's desktop in a few hours at most. But aXXo's popularity can be a curse. Once his name became common currency among downloaders, it was simple enough for less sophisticated pirates to piggyback on his success by imitating his tag in their own torrent files; one site turned up calling itself axxotorrents. There were also more sinister schemes afoot. Next, someone intent on giving him a bad name started to upload aXXo-tagged files filled with malware - software designed to infiltrate and corrupt a downloader's computer.

An angry aXXo got into a dispute with both axxotorrents. The pirate was infuriated by the appropriation of his work - in spite of appropriation being his own stock-in-trade - and ceased uploading altogether until axxotorrents. Unlike other torrent portals, however, The Pirate Bay's Swedish founders - who are driven not by any code of honour among thieves, but by an ideological opposition to copyright law - refuse to give high-profile uploaders the VIP treatment.

In aXXo's absence, other uploaders had their moment in the sun. One smart uploader named themselves Klaxxon, so that each time a casual downloader searched for aXXo's name, they would find a Klaxxon torrent instead. Perhaps concerned that he'd been forgotten by his fickle public, aXXo resurfaced in March. The pull of it is quite attractive to him. When you have millions of people downloading your content online and they know who you are, that's quite an incentive.

Even if he's not getting any money, he is getting name recognition and status. The authorities aren't the only ones who have it in for aXXo. He's also deeply unpopular among an elite group of internet users and abusers known only as "The Scene", which has existed in one form or another since the s - before aXXo the name, if not the man was even born. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of illicit content available for download comes not from consumer-bought CDs, DVDs and games.

Instead, film industry insiders, cinema projectionists, DVD factory workers and retail assistants plunder their employers' forthcoming releases and pass them on to the high-level pirates that comprise today's Scene. The Scene's so-called "release groups" are at the top of the piracy pyramid. Each group will likely specialise in a certain medium film, TV, games, music - even a specific movie genre - and will include computer experts or "rippers" with the skills to turn a two-hour movie into a compressed file that is easy to transfer online without any loss of quality.

Once the release group has their copy, they seed it online with the help of enthusiastic mediators. The Scene's motivations aren't financial. The object of the exercise is simply to get your pirate copy of a film out there before any other group, and well ahead of its official release. Respect and reputation are earned through speed and technical skill. The Scene may be elite, but it's a meritocracy. Its code - again, ironic for a group engaged in the systematic demolition of copyright law - demands that any pirated material must give credit to its original ripper or release group, no matter how far down the piracy food chain it has come.

This explains the Scene's contempt for aXXo, who, it is widely believed, simply duplicates work that has already been produced by a higher-level release group. His re-encoding of the Scene's film releases into a clean, user-friendly format requires relatively little risk, and relatively little skill. In a world where the only reward is prestige, it must be galling for the Scene to watch aXXo taking the credit for their hard work. It also explains aXXo's motivations, and his anger at seeing his name taken in vain.

Like Bruce Wayne, aXXo may only be celebrated for the actions of his alter ego, but he is celebrated all the same. According to a study by Envisional, P2P networks and their ilk account for at least 60 per cent of all internet usage. In the UK alone, more than six million people shared an estimated 98 million illegal downloads in These numbers will only grow as broadband speeds increase.

Virgin Media recently launched the first 50Mb broadband service, and hopes to make it available to the entire UK customer network of 12 million in At that speed, a DVD-quality movie could be downloaded to a home desktop in less than four minutes. Earlier this month, an estimable group of disgruntled British film-makers - including Kenneth Branagh, Richard Curtis and Stephen Daldry - signed a letter to The Times demanding government action against the internet service providers ISPs who make illegal filesharing possible.

The MPAA, meanwhile, is already lobbying the incoming Obama administration in the US to improve internet filtering technology in the hope of foiling online piracy. Thanks to new legislation, President Obama will be required to nominate the country's first "copyright tsar" to oversee such issues. The biggest problem for anti-piracy groups is the growing social acceptability of illegal filesharing.

I talk to teachers and solicitors who'll say they streamed something from the internet, without realising it's illegitimate. Downloading movies is an apparently victimless crime, and if there is a victim, it's "The Man". There is a meme sloshing around that suggests they overestimate the numbers. They used to equate the cost of piracy to the [entertainment] industry as a multiple of how many files were being shared illicitly online, which assumes that if you didn't get the stuff for free, you'd go out and buy all of it - which simply doesn't hold.

It's even difficult to prove the pirates' detrimental effect on individual films. The most pirated movie of , according to TorrentFreak's annual listing, was also the year's biggest box-office success: Batman sequel The Dark Knight. Although it was downloaded more than seven million times on BitTorrent alone, Ernesto reported in his accompanying post, comments on various sites suggest that many of the downloaders had also paid to see the film at the cinema.

One enthusiastic, London-based torrent-user who preferred to remain anonymous estimates that he downloads around four or five films each week including The Dark Knight. However, he says, "I pay to go to the cinema at least once a week. I very rarely buy DVDs, but then who does? Most of my friends prefer to subscribe to DVD rental sites like Lovefilm. Ownership of the physical artefact seems increasingly moot.

The commercial cinema is increasingly homogenic; there are hundreds of films that never get decent distribution, and now I have a platform to see them. For example, I waited months for Darren Aronofsky's The Fountain to come out in the cinemas - when it finally did, it screened on three or four screens spread across Greater London, none of them for more than a week.

Roughly a month later it was online. The Dark Knight's internet leak followed a standard pirate release pattern: immediately after the film's July premiere, a "cammed" version, filmed secretly from a seat in the theatre, dropped onto the web. Next, in early September, a DVD-screener copy with the film interrupted at intervals by title cards announcing a copyright breach made its way online.

In an article written for Torrentfreak. We can throw lawsuits at them and hope they go away. Sometimes this is the best thing to do. But what if those pirates are adding value to society in some way? In these cases, what pirates are actually doing is highlighting a better way for us to do things; they find gaps outside the market, and better ways for society to operate.

In these situations the only way to fight piracy is legitimise and legalise new innovations by competing with pirates in the marketplace. Mason's book demonstrates that the history of piracy is also a history of innovation, one that includes the names Thomas Edison inventor of the record player and William Fox founder of Hollywood.

Ernesto agrees: "The ever-increasing piracy rates show there is a demand that the entertainment industry has not satisfied. Thanks to the internet, access to media on demand has become reality, and people seem to love it. It's now up to the movie and music industry to come up with a model that can compete with these filesharing networks.

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