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Nightflier Geek Royalty 5 3 Posts: 9. Ugly MF 4 3 Posts: 5. Jel warez-bb u nekom problemu ili samo moj browzer? Mouchette 4 2 Posts: Ili lud. Melkor 5 3 Posts: 5. Jacques Demy 7. Su Friedrich 8. Robert Flaherty 9. Arthur Lipsett Joseph Losey Kenji Mizoguchi Francis Ford Coppola Mikio Naruse Antonio Margheriti Guy Maddin Joseph H.

Lewis Sergio Leone Howard Hawks Tim Burton 2. Federico Fellini 3. David Cronenberg 4. Werner Herzog 5. Krzysztof Kieslowski 6. Clara Law 7. Abbas Kiarostami 8. Stanley Kubrick 9. Fritz Lang Shohei Imamura Satyajit Ray Woody Allen John Waters Margarethe von Trotta Idrissa Ouedraggo Jacques Rivette Nicolas Roeg Raoul Walsh Otto Preminger Row IV 1.

Jane Campion 2. Sam Fuller 3. Joe Dante 4. Jia Zhangke 5. Alanis Obomsawin 6. Preston Sturges 7. Pier Paolo Pasolini 8. Don Siegel 9. Zhang Yimou Preston Sturges Robert Siodmak Leslie Thornton Yasujiro Ozu Nicholas Ray Claude Sautet Tsui Hark Eric Rohmer Edward Yang Sam Peckinpah Don Siegel again Row V 1. Leos Carax 2. Lucio Fulci 3. George Cukor 4. Chuck Jones 5. Idrissa Ouedraogo again 6. Carol Reed 7. William Wyler 9. Joseph L. Mankiewicz Fred Zinnemann Michael Winterbottom Jean Cocteau Kon Ichikawa Tomu Uchida Jonathan Demme Roberto Rossellini Alfred Hitchcock James Whale Row VI 1.

Claude Chabrol 2. Melvin Van Peebles 4. Akira Kurosawa 5. Jacques Tati 6. Jerzy Skolimowski 7. Glauber Rocha 8. Bernardo Bertolucci 9. Richard Linklater Jerzy Skolimowski again Hiroshi Teshigahara Paul Verhoeven Luis Garcia Berlanga Werner Schroeter Steven Spielberg Tsai Ming Liang Jean-Luc Godard Michael Almereyda Chang Cheh 2. Vincente Minnelli 3. Jean-Pierre Melville 4. King Hu 5. Mamoru Oshii 6. Martin Scorsese 7. Richard Franklin 8. Mitchell Leisen 9. John Schlesinger Theo Angelopoulos Melvin Van Peebles Anthony Mann Roger Corman Peggy Ahwesh Terry Gilliam Arthur Penn Bertrand Tavernier Clint Eastwood Henri-Georges Clouzot 2.

Michael Haneke 3. Terry Gilliam again 4. Lars von Trier 5. Andrei Tarkovsky 6. Bertrand Tavernier 7. Sergei Eisenstein 8. Brian DePalma 9. David Fincher Edgar G. Ulmer John Carpenter Phillip Noyce Yoshimitsu Morita Wang Xiaoshuai Sadie Benning Kira Muratova Wong Kar-Wai Jean Vigo Andy Warhol Row IX 1. Terence Malick 3. Michael Mann 4.

Takeshi Kitano 5. Nagisa Oshima 6. John Sayles 7. Willi Forst 8. Mike Nichols 9. Yvonne Rainer Orson Welles Bill Forsyth Wim Wenders Jerry Lewis Steven Soderbergh Jim Jarmusch Maria Novaro Leo McCarey Michael Powell Billy Wilder. This film takes an in-depth psychological examination of the organization model through various case studies.

What the study illustrates is that in the its behaviour, this type of "person" typically acts like a dangerously destructive psychopath without conscience. Furthermore, we see the profound threat this psychopath has for our world and our future, but also how the people with courage, intelligence and determination can do to stop it.

We did a little digging, and came up with a pretty damned comprehensive list of blogs for you to browse and bookmark Sure, it might take you the best part of a week to trawl through 'em all, but if there's a movie angle you don't have covered after that, it ain't worth covering Schifrin's wife Donna setup Aleph Records in to showcase the work of her composer, arranger and conductor husband, Lalo Schifrin.

The Name "Aleph" derives from a Louis Borges short story of the same name, which symbolizes all points in the universe coming together in one space. Although the labels intention is to make available the work of Lalo Schifrin, an exception was made for composer Jerry Fielding so that the complete Dirty Harry scores could be released by the label Schifrin wasn't available to score The Enforcer.

Regular visitors will know that I previously designed a set of custom covers for this series which included a bootleg score for The Dead Pool it hadn't had an official release at the time. Now, with the eventual release of the score by Aleph, we have the "complete" Dirty Harry collection available for the first time ever! This re-ignited my interest in revisiting those previous customs, which I had never been very happy with. I decided to go down the route of designing them as if I worked for the Aleph artwork department, trying to give them the type of covers I would like as a customer buying them.

The finished products featured below will, I hope, be worthy of replacing the originals with. I've tried to be as respectful to Aleph as I can by keeping all logo's and release numbers, even recreating barcodes! All information from the original booklets has been reproduced in full!

There is also some additional text included to hopefully improve overall reading enjoyment. The original lacklustre images have been replaced with a collection of more dynamic and interesting pictures courtesy of the vast Ennioman archives, so a big thanks to him for helping out with those.

The first entitled "Sudden Impact and the best of Dirty Harry" contains the complete recording of the vinyl only release of the same name. This was originally released on Clint Eastwood's short-lived "Viva" label. The second bonus disc includes film versions of the themes as extracted from the DVD tracks for this collection by Dimich, as well as a few more surprises! I hope this collection lives up to its "definitive" title because as far as I'm aware, it contains everything that is currently available from every release!

I have tried to keep this collection as top quality as I can, the albums if available are the remastered and extended versions. Also most of them will be featured at a kbps bitrate some require two part downloads. All the files will contain my hi-res custom designed matching cover artwork including booklet, cd tray, and disc labels. Ovo je bila samo prva stranica indexa Clint Eastwood tells his own story, from his childhood in Depression-era Northern California, to life in the stratosphere of fame and fortune.

He's torn up the wild West, patrolled the mean streets of San Francisco, and even gone into outer space. Follow the on-screen and off-screen life of the Oscar-winning film icon in this retrospective PBS "American Masters" documentary filled with film clips, archival material and interviews. Clint's "Unforgiven" co-star Morgan Freeman narrates.

Richard Burton Himself - Actor archive footage Joel Cox Himself - Film Editor Clint Eastwood Himself Dina Eastwood Herself - Wife Morgan Freeman Narrator James Garner Himself - Actor William Goldman Himself - Director of Photography Gene Hackman Himself - Actor Curtis Hanson Himself - Director Nat Hentoff Himself - Writer Phyllis Huffman Herself - Casting Director Joe Hyams Himself - Senior V. Publicity Warner Bros. Dani Janssen Herself - Actor Pauline Kael Herself - Film Critic archive footage Sergio Leone Himself - Director archive footage Geoffrey Lewis Himself - Actor Janet Maslin Himself - Actor Walter Mosley Himself - Writer Lennie Niehaus Himself - Composer Chan Parker Herself archive footage Barry Reardon Himself - Former President Warner Bros.

Distribution Richard Schickel Himself - Director Don Siegel Himself - Director archive footage Richard Slotkin Herself - Actor Donald Sutherland Himself - Actor Bertrand Tavernier Himself - Director Rip Torn Himself - Actor Tonino Valerii Himself - Actor Forest Whitaker Here, John Foote examines the long, impressive, and unlikely film career of a man who fought against expectations to forge his own way and become one of this generation's finest filmmakers.

This book is, in the author's own words, a study of how Eastwood managed to quietly get to this level—and a celebration of his gifts as an artist. Eastwood has evolved not only as a director, but also as an actor, a screenwriter, a producer, and a score composer, to become one of the most revered figures in Hollywood.

Perhaps it is because he started out in Hollywood with such little influence on the final product that he now demonstrates such a strong desire to collaborate with others and provide help wherever he can. In addition to casting off his reputation as a hack and accumulating two Oscar nominations for Best Actor over the past 15 years, he has guided other actors to no less than three Academy Award wins.

The executives love him because he has made them money over the years—occasionally even making one for them in exchange for financial backing on other projects. Critics love him because of the care he takes in creating his films. Audiences love him because he has never lost his sense of entertainment, even as his artistry has matured. The question we at Parallax View are asking is: what took so long? Bigelow has been making tough, rich, evocative movies for decades, too few in our estimation, and too often dismissed for the visceral, aggressive qualities that make them so compelling.

Join us as we celebrate this dark daughter of Hawks and Hitchcock. Ever since then, I've been obsessed with the extended take in movies. Let's be clear. The extended take is often mistaken for the tracking shot. According to Wikipedia the tracking shot is, "a segment in which the camera is mounted on a wheeled platform that is pushed on rails while the picture is being taken. Tracking shots cannot include complex pivoting movements, aerial shots or crane shots.

The extended take is, "an uninterrupted shot in a film which lasts much longer than the conventional editing pace either of the film itself or of films in general, usually lasting several minutes. It can be used for dramatic and narrative effect if done properly, and in moving shots is often accomplished through the use of a dolly or stedicam.

They take a very long time to set-up, and are very easy to mess up. The longer the take, the more pressure is added to get it right. This list is, in my opinion, the 20 greatest extended takes in movies. I believe those movies are a genre in and of themselves and deserve a separate discussion. I felt it would be unfair to make reference to something visually when I could not offer it up for review.

But I do recommend checking those films out on DVD if you haven't done so. Welcome To Lunar Industries 2. I'm Sam Bell 4. I'm Sam Bell, Too Memories Someone We'll Never Know 6. Are You Receiving? Can't Get There from Here 8. The Nursery Sacrifice We're Going Home Anyway, here's an on-set article from the making of the film, taken from the September issue of American Film Magazine. This is an expanded bootleg version that includes a bunch of tracks that aren't on the official releases which are overwhelmingly incomplete.

Main Title The Shining Grady's Story Rocky Mountains Lonato New Rules For Wendy Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta A Horrible Nightmare The Awakening of Jacob Come and Play With Us, Danny De Natura Sonoris No. Danny's Gone Away Jack Takes Control Hair of the Dog, Home Utrenja Kanon Paschy Here's Johnny! Utrenja Ewangelia Polymorphia Maze Madness Midnight Stars and You Movie Trailer Music Using a Super 8 camera, Joel and his younger brother Ethan were inspired to remake the Hollywood movies being broadcasted on television; their naivety about motion picture production did not hinder their innovative spirit when shooting a new version of The Naked Prey It was sort of a screwball-comedy.

They had already made films that redefined the gangster movie, the screwball comedy, the fable, and the film noir, among others. No Country is just one of many Coen brothers films to center on the struggles of complex characters to understand themselves and their places in the strange worlds they inhabit.

Conard and other noted scholars explore the challenging moral and philosophical terrain of the Coen repertoire. The tale of love, marriage, betrayal, and divorce in Intolerable Cruelty transcends the plight of the characters to illuminate competing theories of justice. However, the Coens often knowingly and gleefully subvert conventions and occasionally offer symbolic rebirths and other hopeful outcomes. At the end of The Big Lebowski, the Dude abides, his laziness has become a virtue, and the human comedy is perpetuating itself with the promised arrival of a newborn Lebowski.

A select few of their protagonists find affirmation and redemption, but for many others, the quest for answers leads, at best, only to more questions. A leftwing playwright turns to the woman in his bed, only to find a river of blood. A baby, left in the middle of the highway, smiles happily. A professional killer stuffs his partner into a woodchipper while a pregnant cop pulls her gun.

Welcome to that Coen Brothers feeling. With the smash success of Fargo winner of two major Academy Awards , the filmmaking team of Joel and Ethan Coen finally received the recognition they deserved. But well before that the two brothers were writing and directing terrific films -- from the film-noir thriller Blood Simple, to the comedy Raising Arizona, to the gangster epic Miller's Crossing, to the bizarre Barton Fink.

With each film they have surprised fans and critics alike, always refusing to repeat themselves or compromise their independence. While still in their early twenties, Joel and Ethan Coen raised the money for their first film by knocking on the doors of the wealthy in their native Minnesota. Starring an unknown actress named Frances McDormand who would later become Joel's wife it was an art-house hit and allowed the brothers to make Raising Arizona with Nicolas Cage and another Coen brothers' discovery, Holly Hunter.

But despite their high reputation, the brothers would not make another financially successful picture for years. Were their films just too offbeat and intellectual? And then came Fargo. Here is the story of how two middle-class Minnesota boys have come to write, shoot, and direct some of the most gruesome,exhilarating, and funny films of our time. Three CDs in the lossless flac format. I'm in the process of converting my entire CD collection into Flac files for easy access and no loss in listening quality.

From the cover blurb: Three CD collection featuring some of the finest music composed by the legendary Ennio Morricone, recent recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Oscar at the Academy Awards. Features 60 tracks from his early 'spaghetti westerns' to Hollywood blockbusters like The Mission. A stunning, emotional musical trip that can stand on it's own without the listener ever having seen any of the films these tracks were composed for.

These are not my uploads as my upload speed is too slow to upload these 11 files so thanks to the original uploader. Get em here. I've decided to post this first and depending on the reaction I will upload CD 2. Superbly recorded I picked this up still shrink wrapped in a local op shop. I've digitised it at kps so the quality is excellent but its quite a large file so its in two parts.

If you like Morricone's work and want to extend your collection past the Leone stuff have a listen and let me know if you want me to upload the second CD. Track list for both CDs in the comments. Cecil B. The Memory of Tiresias: Intertextuality and Film. Backstory 2: Interviews with Screenwriters of the s and s. Backstory 3: Interviews with Screenwriters of the 60s. Before the Nickelodeon: Edwin S. Porter and the Edison Manufacturing Company.

Six Screen Plays by Robert Riskin. Moving Places: A Life at the Movies. Becoming Chinese: Passages to Modernity and Beyond. Polanski was arrested in Switzerland last September over a case involving unlawful sex with a year-old and remains there under house arrest.

The film could be seen as a comment on his own situation. Jack Nicholson, in one of his most celebrated roles, stars as a Private Eye who, despite his best intentions, can only bring disaster upon the enigmatic woman he has come to love. The reassuringly familiar conventions of the thriller are dissected to expose a chaos of political corruption and violent sexuality lurking beneath a glittering, sun-drenched surface.

Michael Eaton analyses Chinatown in the context of the figure of the detective in literature and film from Sophocles to Edgar Allan Poe and Alfred Hitchcock. In a searching detailed and entirely absorbing account of the narrative development and visual style of Chinatown, Eaton uncovers both the film's relationship to the pessimism of American cinema in the s and its veritably mythical structure and power.

Made on a low budget, The Terminator was one of the most influential films of the s. Combining explosive special effects and an intricate time-travel plot, it set Arnold Schwarzenegger on the road to superstardom and allowed its director, James Cameron, to go on to make some of the most expensive films of all time. Resolutely populist, accomplished, and instantly memorable, The Terminator has dramatically outlived its humble beginnings.

Sean French places The Terminator in the context of the exploitation films in which both Cameron and Schwarzenegger learnt their craft. French discusses the making of the film, its sources, and the extent of its influence. He argues that The Terminator's visual flair, stylized acting, and choreographed violence are so compelling not so much because they offer intellectual rewards but because they traffic in the darker, more visceral pleasures of movie-going.

A sweeping, fast-moving Western, it's stunningly shot and stars John Wayne and Montgomery Clift in complex roles set off by typically fine ensemble acting. In her study, Suzanne Liandrat-Guigues explores the thematic complexity of Red River as well as its historical resonances and its place in film history. She focuses particular attention on the actors' contributions and on Red River's relationship to other Hawks classics.

This book frames Wood's work, such as the cross-dressing themed Glen or Glenda? Wood invariably worked with infinitesimal budgets, shooting at breakneck speed, incorporating plot twists that defied all logic. Yet there was a tangible if unfocused thematic thrust to Wood's films, which meditate fitfully on gender, religion and society, revealing a "holy trinity" of fixations--sex, death and resurrection.

Wood's infamous Plan 9 From Outer Space encapsulates the fixations and flaws that were his hallmarks, and with 22 other films, is explored here. A filmography and 51 photographs are included. The Western was for a very long time a genre that remained static. In any given Western, it did not take long to identify the good guys and the bad guys; then after a bit of rousing action, the good guys beat the bad guys, righted various wrongs, and rode off into the sunset.

At present, that sort of scenario is hardly imaginable and would not be very popular since it is no longer perceived as the real world. Nowadays the good guys have questionable characteristics, the bad guys often possess a streak of decency, and the cast of characters has broadened to include many who were previously nearly invisible. Women, gays, African Americans, and Native Americans finally appear as real people and not just convenient villains. These changes, which mirror changes in society, have given the Western a new lease on life, resulting in films that could not have been produced or conceived of in earlier decades.

Ltd ISBN: pages PDF 1 MB Based on original research, this book draws on the author's personal observations and extensive discussions with film makers, media professionals and market players. It is backed by data from a variety of surveys, audit studies and annual reports.

Derek Bose uses these sources to arrive at conclusions that place the issue of media convergence in the framework of film development. Transfigurations brings our cultural obsession with film violence into a renewed dialogue with contemporary theory.

Digital technologies gained popularity, with nearly one billion people online by the end of the decade. The film industry wondered what the effect on cinema would be. The essays in American Cinema of the s examine the big-budget blockbusters and critically acclaimed independent films that defined the decade. The s' most popular genre, action, channeled anxieties about global threats such as AIDS and foreign terrorist attacks into escapist entertainment movies.

Francis Ford Coppola, who of course teamed with Brando for the first Godfather installment and for Apocalypse Now, is noticeably absent from the proceedings. The result is a fresh and memorable portrait of both the man and his work which highlights the remarkable and enduring contribution to American, and world, cinema of this ever fascinating, Oscar-winning director. He takes an in-depth look at the controversial Congressional testimony which Kazan gave to HUAC in , for which he was ostracized by many, and which often overshadowed his cinematic achievements.

Neve also assesses Kazan and his films in a wider political and cultural context, tracing the evolution of the filmmaking process through the changing role of the studio, the Red Scares of the late s, and the censorship debates of the s and s. And they all mixed up their genres, too. Daniels flew up north, had lunch with Lucas and even spent the night in one of his cottages. We also talked how sound can help me on my next movie, because I have limited funds.

It was a really chill conversation. Ona je bila sama i nije telefonirala. Now television's most famous movie critic is rarely seen and never heard, but his words have never stopped. Let us reassure you. It's very real. Drawing on its authors' extensive knowledge and contributions from the living legends and greatest names in the horror and dark fantasy genres, The Book of Lists: Horror is a scream—an irresistible compendium of all things mysterious, terrifying, and gory.

For quite some time, these enthusiasts have needed an all-encompassing, detail-oriented reference work. Fortunately, Clements and McCarthy, who coedited The Erotic Anime Movie Guide and have an outstanding history in anime indexing, translation, and criticism, are just the folks to carry it off.

Choosing the best examples from a field that was about twice the final number of entries, the authors review and detail more than anime films and TV series. Each entry includes a short synopsis, commentary, details about key creative personnel, and evaluation of the work's significance. Over illustrations representing major releases are sprinkled throughout.

The end product is a huge, exhaustive, timely, and authoritative compendium of information that will be appreciated by anime experts and neophytes alike. Recommended for all libraries and essential for film and media collections. Lisa, Wayne P.

In the first biography of this dynamic star, Dickerson examines the charm and wit of her professional persona, while revealing the emotional life of the real Portman. From her relationship with her parents, her long friendship with Britney Spears, her life at Harvard, and her involvement in Star Wars, this book delves into a story never before told.

From assassination attempts and germ warfare to horrific terrorist plots, Kiefer Sutherland's Agent Jack Bauer embodies America's darkest fears and its perilous place in the world today. This book brings together critical discussions of the series from many different perspectives. It covers everything from the show's unconventional format to discussions of globalism, oil, the politics of torture, and gender, and includes an episode guide.

This encyclopaedia offers complete coverage of his life and the 13 feature films he directed, including ", A Space Odyssey", "A Clockwork Orange",and "The Shining". In-depth entries survey: the actors who performed in his films, the writers with whom he collaborated, key members of his crew, inspiration for his movies; music and composers for his films, and recurring themes and genres.

When it was made it was Germany's most expensive feature film, a canvas for director Fritz Lang's increasingly extravagant ambitions it took sixteen months to film. Lang, inspired by the skyline of New York, created a whole new vision of cities.

One of the greatest works of science fiction, the film also tells human stories about love and family. In this book, Thomas Elsaesser explores the cultural phenomenon of Metropolis: its different versions there is no definitive one , its changing meanings, its role as a storehouse or database of the 20th century.

By suggesting what to look for and how to look for it, the text challenges students to sharpen their powers of observation, establish habits of perceptive watching, and discover complex aspects of film art that will further enhance their enjoyment of watching films.

In addition it makes the link from literature to film in chapters on Thematic Elements, Fictional and Dramatic Elements and a unique chapter on Adaptions. Grips install, set up, maintain, and ensure the safety of all equipment needed on a set, such as lighting stands, cameras, and any specialty equipment needed for a shoot.

This new edition contains the latest information about the latest equipment and has been updated to reflect changes in the industry including CGI screen setup and 'cleaning up the perms. Randy Taraborrelli comes the definitive biography of the most enduring icon in popular American culture. When Marilyn Monroe became famous in the s, the world was told that her mother was either dead or simply not a part of her life.

However, that was not true. In fact, her mentally ill mother was very much present in Marilyn's world and the complex family dynamic that unfolded behind the scenes is a story that has never before been told In this groundbreaking book, Taraborrelli draws complex and sympathetic portraits of the women so influential in the actress' life, including her mother, her foster mother, and her legal guardian.

He also reveals, for the first time, the shocking scope of Marilyn's own mental illness, the identity of Marilyn's father and the half-brother she never knew, and new information about her relationship with the Kennedy's-Bobby, Jack, and Pat Kennedy Lawford. Explosive, revelatory, and surprisingly moving, this is the final word on the life of one of the most fascinating and elusive icons of the 20th Century.

The era of the "Pink Films," one of cultural and artistic daring and experimentation in Japan, has hardly been chronicled in the English language, but this book solves that problem! The book is a giant volume, filled with reviews and articles. The Weissers made it their intent to catalog every "Pink Film" that had a theatrical release, and they come as close to doing that as possible!

Add to that the intelligent, thought-provoking articles on the history of the medium and an introduction by "Pink Film" star of stars, Naomi Tani, and the result is an absolutely stunning achievement in film history and criticism! A must-have work for any Japanese film completist. So you'd better have a good relationship with your editor.

The people talking here are amongst the best. Treat them well. Essays by Godard and Truffaut, for example, usefully bookend the interview with Guillemot. Caligari, Nosferatu, The Nibelungen, and Metropolis, even though they do not depict battle scenes or soldiers in combat, engaged the war and registered its tragic aftermath.

These films reveal a wounded nation in post-traumatic shock, reeling from a devastating defeat that it never officially acknowledged, let alone accepted. Kaes uses the term "shell shock"--coined during World War I to describe soldiers suffering from nervous breakdowns--as a metaphor for the psychological wounds that found expression in Weimar cinema.

Directors like Robert Wiene, F. Murnau, and Fritz Lang portrayed paranoia, panic, and fear of invasion in films peopled with serial killers, mad scientists, and troubled young men. Combining original close analysis with extensive archival research, Kaes shows how this cinema of shell shock transformed extreme psychological states into visual expression; how it pushed the limits of cinematic representation with its fragmented story lines, distorted perspectives, and stark lighting; and how it helped create a modernist film language that anticipated film noir and remains incredibly influential today.

So it is no surprise that filmmakers around the globe explore the experiences of growing up in their work. From blockbuster U. These cinematic representations of youth also reflect perceptions about youth in their respective cultures, as well as young people's worth to the larger society. Indeed, as the contributors to this volume make plain, films about young people open a very revealing window on the attitudes and values of cultures across the globe. Youth Culture in Global Cinema offers the first comprehensive investigation of how young people are portrayed in film around the world.

Eighteen established film scholars from eleven different national backgrounds discuss a wide range of films that illuminate the varied conditions in which youth live. The essays are grouped thematically around the issues of youthful resistance and rebellion; cultural and national identity, including religion and politics; and sexual maturation, including gender distinctions and coming-of-age queer. Some essays engage in close readings of films, while others examine the advertising and reception of films or investigate psychological issues.

The volume concludes with filmographies of over youth-related titles arranged by nation and theme. While an ethics of looking is implicitly posited in most strands of cinema theory, there is no established body of work that might be called ethical film criticism. This book, therefore, redresses the reluctance of many existing works to address cinema from an explicitly ethical perspective. Lisa Downing and Libby Saxton re-invigorate debates in film studies by foregrounding the ethical dimensions of the moving image, and create dialogues between ostensibly incompatible philosophical and political trends of thought, without seeking to reconcile their differences.

A thoughtful and carefully researched account. As a source of concrete information about Japanese animation it is invaluable. There really was a Nazi archaeological unit and it did send teams across the world to try to find the Grail. ET check local listings. The program outlines how the racialist theories of the SS were drawn from archaeology, myth and legend, as well as selected history. Nazi ideas about "Aryans" and the "master race" came out of historical and ethnic fantasies in which legends such as the Holy Grail and the lost city of Atlantis — supposed to be a home of the Aryan race — played their part.

The film conjures the eerie world that permeated the thoughts of key members of the Nazi leadership, especially Himmler, and shows how top scholars, some of them still alive, collaborated in this project. The chief administrator of the Ahnenerbe, Dr. Wolfram Sievers, had been heavily involved in the criminal medical experiments that were carried out on Jews in concentration camps, all to prove racial differences and the superiority of the Aryan race.

He was executed on June 2, The archaeological world of the Ahnenerbe died with Hitler, Himmler and Sievers; the Ahnenerbe, too, melted away. Many of its top archaeologists, however, returned, unpunished, to university life, only to re-emerge as leading academics in postwar Germany. It presents new ways of reading post European film policy in relation to culture, ways that are crucial to rethinking Europe in its geopolitical and symbolic configuration. In particular, it addresses how the neglected strategies of coproduction articulate a supranational Europe and redefine European identity.

Osder and Carman offer a diverse background and extensive experience with Final Cut Pro. Final Cut Pro Workflows combines an encyclopedia of detailed information on technical specs for shooting and editing with surprisingly readable stories about applying the tools to actual projects.

Not just how to use a hammer Osder and Carman have written a unique book that brings together the critical marriage of technology and the real world circumstances that confront nascent Final Cut Pro editors. While theory may be out of the limelight, it remains an essential key to understanding the full complexity of cinema, one that should not be so easily discounted or discarded.

In this volume, contributors explore recent popular movies through the lens of film theory, beginning with industrial-economic analysis before moving into a predominately aesthetic and interpretive framework. With its cast of international film scholars, Film Theory and Contemporary Hollywood Movies demonstrates the remarkable contributions theory can offer to film studies and moviegoers alike. In this guide, comedian, writer, and teacher Jim Mendrinos explains the principles of comedy and how to apply them to forms from stand-up to sitcoms-including fiction, film, speeches, articles, essays, and more.

He also includes exercises designed to hone the craft, break through writer's block, and tailor a piece to its intended audience. The score and the film are a annual summer ritual. Listening to the soundtrack alone in the house gives me an utter feeling of hopelessness, loneliness, and despair.

Exactly I image the mood maestro Morricone was going for to create the white-out isolation of Antarctica and the men who are trapped there with an alien thing that wants only to absorb and imitate them. It's just the thing for your summertime blues. Here's another little Ultra-Lounge collection. So, book these hardened criminals—on false arrest if you have to—don't let them off with any lack of circumstantial evidence!

The result is a film score that stands upon its own two musical feet, with or without the film. Pozdrav, ne znam gde ovo da pitam. Rekao mi je ortak da u Indiji postoji neki film gde su ljudima nudili Znaju li filmski entuzijazisti, da li ovakav film stvarno postoji, i kako se zove? Ili ortak laze :D. Was it that good? Well, I mean, we all know how the system works. A big name commits to a film, be it an actor or a director, and everybody else comes swarming in screaming, "Me too!

Me too! But the reality is that most actors won't put their ass on the line until someone else does first. My basic issue with Brooklyn's Finest is that very little ever actually happens. After the exciting first scene, the next 30 pages are all character set-up. There's no story weaved into it at all. It's just scene after scene of the characters' backstories or problems. And man, this script is abundant with one of the most basic screenwriting no-nos out there.

Everybody sits around talking. We go from two people sitting around talking to another two people sitting around talking to three people sitting around talking. It's like one giant poker game. Everyone just sits around and talks. Avoid them at all costs.

No matter how good the dialogue is, it brings your story to a standstill. Try to have the conversations you need to have within the flow of the story. Be creative and stay kinetic. Keep your characters moving. The Dude abides! He passed away in August, but the film legacy of John Hughes may not be over.

The late writer-director -- who was given an Oscar tribute Sunday -- has an unproduced screenplay, "Grisbys Go Broke," floating around the industry ether. Word crept out Friday that Paramount, which has a long history with Hughes, was picking up the script with hope of turning it into a family comedy with Joe Roth "Alice in Wonderland" producing. Gone, but definitely not forgotten. It's interesting to note that this is the first actual screenplay credit for both writers, so in a sense they can be considered 'first timers' - just a few short years ago, both Boal and Fletcher were Hollywood outsiders.

Their stories should be inspiration for all of you whose dream it is to break in as a professional screenwriter. It discusses the status of cinema as an art form, whether there is a language of film, realism in cinema, cinematic authorship, intentionalist and constructivist theories of interpretation, cinematic narration, the role of emotions in responses to films, the possibility of identification with characters, and the nature of the cinematic medium.

Groundbreaking in its coverage of a wide range of contemporary cinematic media, it analyses not only traditional photographic films, but also digital cinema, and a variety of interactive cinematic works, including videogames. Written in a clear and accessible style, the book examines the work of leading film theorists and philosophers of film, and develops a powerful framework with which to think about cinema as an art.

The filmographic data includes cast, crew, reviews, synopses, and production notes, as well as recurring motifs and each role's effect on the star's career. This encyclopedic guide to silent films with mystery and detective content lists over 1, titles in one of entertainment's most popular and enduring genres. While most of the examined films are from North America, mystery films from around the world are included.

The book presents material from the script and how it was adapted from Robert Bloch's novel; details of the film's production, particularly the shower scene and other technical difficulties; actors and the challenges of their roles; extended literary analysis of the film covering such devices as irony, symbol, theme, motif and foil; and the film's effect on audiences.

Features 16 photographs, notes, bibliography and index. The authors address questions of dramatic structure, plot, dialogue, character development, setting, imagery, and other crucial topics as they apply to the special art of filmmaking. Howard and Mabley also demonstrate how, on a practical level, the tools of screenwriting work in sixteen notable films, including Citizen Cane, E. Yes, the film is fiction, employs farfetched coincidences and improbably places one man at the center of all the action.

It is a thriller, not a documentary. It's my belief that the nature of the neocon evildoing has by now become pretty clear. Others will disagree. The bottom line is: This is one hell of a thriller. Drawing upon a wide range of filmic examples from early cinema to today, this unique volume follows the increasing popularity and innovation of film sequels as a central dynamic of Hollywood cinema.

Now debuting at world cinemas and independent film festivals, the sequel has become a vehicle for cross-cultural dialogue and a structure by which memories and cultural narratives are circulated across geographical and historical locations.

The book explores sequel production beyond box office figures, considering the form in recent mainstream cinema, art-house and "indie" films, and non-Hollywood sequels, and it traces the effects of the domestic market on sequelization and the impact of the video game industry on Hollywood. Questions about the contingencies of history and the rupture of the real are rarely brought to bear on these self-reflexive texts.

Barbara Straumann responds to this critical gap by reading real-life exile as the "absent cause" of Hitchcock and Nabokov's brilliant virtuosity. Her "cross-mapping" of the two seemingly disparate authors takes as its point of departure the conditions of exile in which they found themselves and shows how the relentless playfulness of their language and irony creates a new home in the world of signs.

The book will appeal to those interested in Nabokov, Hitchcock, Freud, Lacan, cultural theory, media, and exile. As in the authors' bestselling Film Art, concepts and events are illustrated with actual frame enlargements, giving students more realistic points of reference than competing books that use publicity stills.

This exciting second edition radically updates the original book making it even more valuable for any student of the history and practice of actor training. The bibliography is brought right up to date and many chapters are revised.

In addition, eight more practitioners are included-and forty more photographs-to create a stunningly comprehensive study. This book is an invaluable introduction to the principles and practice of actor training and its role in shaping modern theatre.

Attention, please This blog is dedicated to bootlegs, out of print and rare soundtracks. Please do not ask for CDs that are still available at a fairly reasonable price, especially if they're new releases! Such requests will be ignored. By purchasing new soundtracks, you will support the artists you love and the local music stores you don't want to see disappear. Bootlegs and promo CDs are not for sale. They're meant to be shared.

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