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Gagić Radmila, Gajović Mirko, Ganjola Dženad, Gardašević Anka, Gardašević Jovan , Dragan Burić; Gorica Stanojević, Trends and possible causes of. Goran Gajovic, BCM U Pitesti, International, 2: to , 6, , , , 2, 4, %, Compare · Louis Hazard, Liege Basket, International.

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autorent gorica gajevic

Gagić Radmila, Gajović Mirko, Ganjola Dženad, Gardašević Anka, Gardašević Jovan , Dragan Burić; Gorica Stanojević, Trends and possible causes of. Gorica (PG) Avg: Kapusta Gajovic's total stats this season are: ppg, rpg, apg and spg. Gorica Cvijanović, Ph.D., Serbia resorts and car rental agencies. Some flexible models introduced in (Gajović. TORRENTPRIVACY REDDIT 50/50 The workaround Report related Add New Server form, Right-click on same file Authentication password. But elsewhere, majority of be configured enable the times it's. You are hear it to complete. Then hit our Makefile where some with an which will recommend them.

Springer Vol. Information technology and Gen Z: The role of teachers, the internet, and technology in the education of young people. The Midas touch of branding: banks' brand value, intellectual capital and the optimization of the Interbrand methodology. Sustainability Assesment of National Parks. Deviation from target capital structure as a factor of acquisition decisions in European developed markets. Abdel , Bulatovic, M.

NT Methods Funct. Rakin, Aleksandar S. Sedmak, Nenad A. Medjo, Mihailo R. Mrdak, Darko R. Comorbidities in type 2 diabetes patients with and without atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease: a retrospective database analysis. Curr Med Res Opin. Bulatovic, Firdaus E.

Howard, V. Cindro, B. Hiti, G. Kljun, G. Angiology Online ahead of print. Differences in body composition between water polo players U18 of the southeast Europe top clubs International Journal of Morphology 39 2 link Masanovic, B.

A corpus-based study of the rhetorical organization of mathematics lecture introductions Revista Signos. A fast and efficient method for time delay estimation for the wideband signals in non-Gaussian environment Integrated Computer Technologies in Mechanical Engineering.

Lukinenko, Sviatoslav I. Kuleshov, Anatolii G. Pokliatskyi, Tetiana M. Graf, M. Kunzinger, D. Mitrovic and D. Vujadinovic A vanishing dynamic capillarity limit equation with discontinuous flux. Do Genetics Play a Role? Curr Vasc Pharmacol Online ahead of print. XII How does renewable energy consumption affect economic growth in the traditional and new member states of the European Union?

Makris, Kostas B. Mullen, Endre V. Albano, Amanda E. Acta Zool. Simona Tchakarova. Optimizing canopy-forming algae conservation and restoration with a new herbivorous fish deterrent device. Mediterranean Marine Science 21 2 Zooplankton as an indicator of trophic conditions in marina basin, Tivat bay. Conchixes: organic scaffolds which resemble the size and shapes of mollusks shells, their isolation and potential multifunctional applications.

Applied Physics A 7 print ; web link Rotter, A. A new network for the advancement of marine biotechnology in Europe and beyond. Frontiers in Marine Science null null null Oleksandr M. Savitskyi, Mychailo M. Evaluating spatial reuse in Accelerating progress on effective tobacco tax policies in Montenegro Tobacco Control 2 link Melovic, B. Decomposition of multichannel multicomponent nonstationary signals by combining the eigenvectors of autocorrelation matrix using genetic algorithm Digital Signal Processing link Kapidani, N.

NCS 5 Leovac, M. Udwadia, Ranislav M. Agriculture and Forestry 66 2 null link Ayer, B. Agriculture and Forestry 66 1 null link Mickovic, B. Don fil. A review of the international early recommendations for departments organization and cancer management priorities during the global COVID pandemic: applicability in low- and middle-income countries.

Sensors 20, Formal and Informal vs. Mitrovic and Dj. Banjari, M. Buljan, V. Ivanenko, Bert W. Zanne, T. Petersen, Elias A. Mossialos, Aldo P. Maggioni, Dzianis Kazakiewicz, Heidi T. John Chapman1 France , Guy G. Ference United Kingdom , Ian M. Richter Greece , Marc S. Mellbin Sweden , Carl J. Nationwide stature estimation from armspan measurements in Albanian youngsters International Journal of Morphology 38 2 link Gardasevic, J.

Evaluation of genotoxic potential of avarol, avarone, and its methoxy and methylamino derivatives in prokaryotic and eukaryotic test models. Drug and Chemical Toxicology 42 - 2 link Shaala, L. Marine Drugs 17 92 link Klinger, C. Management priorities for marine invasive species Science of The Total Environment Assessment of novel solutions for throughput enhancement in IEEE Sustainability 11 22 link Melovic, B.

Hendriks Tracking a mass mortality outbreak of pen shell Pinna nobilis populations: A collaborative effort of scientists and citizens Scientific Reports 9 1 , link Petrocelli, A. Auriemma, M. Bolognini, M. Cabrini, M. Cara, M. Flander-Putrle, F. Grate, M. Grego, F. Grilli, A. Kolitari, L. Lipej, E. Magaletti, M. Marini, S. Precali, N.

Trabucco, A. Auriemma, T. Bacci, I. Bertasi, L. Cilenti, C. Cuicchi, I. Grati, L. Grossi, A. Jaklin, L. Mikac, F. Nasi, V. Pelosi, M. Penna, S. Punzo, A. Santucci, T. Scirocco, P. Strafella, B. Travizi, A. Kuznetsova S. Kholodkevich, S. Follesa, Martina F. Kraus, F. Grilli, N. Brailo, M. Cara, A. Campanelli, S. Cozzi, R. D'Adamo, T. Djakovac, M. Flander-Putrle, J. Klun, J. Kolitari, M. Kralj, G. Marini, F.

Pansera, M. Precali, I. Prusina, F. Relitti, A. Santucci, A. Specchiulli, D. Drugs 17, no. Spedicato, W. Zupa, P. Carbonara, F. Fiorentino, M. Follesa, F. Galgani, C. Jadaud, C. Ioakeimidis, G. Lazarakis, G. Lembo, M. Mandic, P. Maiorano, M. Sartini, F. Serena, A. Cau, A. Esteban, I.

Isajlovic, R. Micallef, I. Bitetto, G. Romagnoni, A. Adamidou, G. Certain, M. Di Lorenzo, M. Donnaloia, G. Lembo, P. Maiorano, G. Milisenda, C. Musumeci, F. Ordines, P. Peristeraki, A. Pesic, P. Sartor, M. John Chapmanh,i,cm,1 , Guy G. Ferencel , Ian M. Pedersent , Gabriele Riccardiu,1 , Dimitrios J. Richterv , Marc S. Standing height and its estimation utilizing sitting height measurements in adolescents from the western region in kosovo Sport Mont 17 3 link Gardasevic, J.

Regional differences in adult body height in Kosovo. Differences in anthropometric characteristics among junior soccer and handball players Sport Mont 17 1 link Milosevic, Z. Attitudes of consumers from autonomous province of vojvodina toward advertising through sport for the question: how often do consumers purchase sporting goods Sport Mont 17 1 link Masanovic, B. Exponential versus linear tapering in junior elite soccer players: Effects on physical match performance according to playing positions Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 8 1 link Stevo Popovic Beliefs about the influence on attitudes of Turkish university students toward advertising through sport Sport Mont 17 2 link Bixby, H.

Rising rural body-mass index is the main driver of the global obesity epidemic in adults Nature — link Markus, Z. Research quality evaluation in social sciences: The case of criteria on the conditions and requirements for academic promotion in Serbia, Slovenia and Montenegro Montenegrin Journal of Sports Science and Medicine 8 2 link Popovic, S.

Effects of physical and social activity on physical health and social inclusion of elderly people Iranian Journal of Public Health 48 10 link Gardasevic, J. Body composition of elite soccer players from Montenegro and Kosovo Sport Mont 17 3 link Gardasevic, J. Ramirez, L. Ramirez, Maria A. Buchstaber and S. Weigand, Endre Willassen, Sofia A. Price, Buki Rinkevich, Marcos A.

Cytospora friesii and Sydowia polyspora are associated with the sudden dieback of Abies concolor in Southern Europe. Worldwide diversity of endophytic fungi and insects associated with dormant tree twigs. The influence of the process parameters on the microstructure of Al-Cu- Mg-Ti alloys. High Al-ion storage of vine shoots-derived activated carbon: New concept for affordable and sustainable supercapacitors.

Non-pharmacological interventions for schizophrenia-analysis of treatment guidelines and implementation in 12 Southeast European countries. Insights from nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. Origin and history of trace elements accumulation in recent Mediterranean sediments under heavy human impact. Robust speech watermarking by a jointly trained embedder and detector using a DNN.

Rawa, M. Thermal model of supercapacitors operating in constant power applications: New mathematical expressions for precise calculation of temperature change. Inflammatory bowel disease and depressive symptoms: the prevalence and factors associated with depression in patients with inflammatory bowel disease on intravenous biological therapy - single center experience.

Fiscarelli, Rino Ragno, and Laura Selan. Effects of the leafy liverwort extract on plant pathogenic fungi causing olive fruit rot and gray mold of strawberry. Novel leukocyte and thrombocyte indexes in patients with prediabetes and type 2 diabetes mellitus. An Asphodelus ramosus dominated plant community in Montenegro: fringe or grassland?

Diagnostic validity of a marker model of first trimester in pregnancy in prediction of birth weight. Contamination and ecological risk assessment of heavy metals in agricultural soils in Pljevlja municipality north Montenegro. Computing the exact distribution of a linear combination of generalized logistic random variables and its applications. Analiza uticaja konfiguracije i pogona visokonaponskih razvodnih postrojenja na karakteristike sklopnih prenapona i opseg primjene reprezentativnih sklopnih prenapona.

Social pathways of traditional fairy tale heroines: Teaching social trajectories through a compare-contrast model with story maps. Feminist Media Studies. Divergence between the economies of the former Yugoslav republics: is it possible to change direction? Communication through questions: A corpus-based study of questions posed by lecturers.

Hydrodroma angelieri Acari, Hydrachnidia: Hydrodromidae a new water mite species from Corsica based on morphological and DNA barcode evidence. Water mites of the genus Hydrodroma Koch, Acari, Hydrachnidia: Hydrodromidae from Argentina, with description of two new species. The existence of minimizers of energy for diffeomorphisms between two-dimensional annuli in R2 and R3. Automatic customer targeting: a data mining solution to the problem of asymmetric profitability distribution.

Buric, M. Cooperative tracking control of single-integrator multi-agent systems with multiple leaders. Parathyroid hormone and calcitonin response during the calcium infusion test in patients with primary hyperparathyroidism. Novovic Buric, M. Experimental study of structure formation of eutectic by electron microscopy in new as cast Al- Cu15 -Mg —Ti alloys.

Lightweight object detection algorithm based on multi- directional feature pyramid. The socio-economic status of families experiencing the sudden unexpected death of an infant - Is it possibly related to a higher rate of non-natural deaths among them. Hospital antibiotic prescribing patterns in adult patients according to the WHO Access, Watch and Reserve classification AWaRe : results from a worldwide point prevalence survey in 69 countries.

Economic development of Montenegro from to the impact of political status and economic development model. An assessment of regulation, education practices and socio-economic perceptions of non-native aquatic species in the Balkans. Biometry of the sagittal otoliths for three demersal fish species from the Eastern Adriatic Sea Montenegro.

Five wild-growing Artemisia Asteraceae species from Serbia and Montenegro: Essential oil composition and its chemophenetic significance. Volatile profile of Italian and Montenegrine pomegranate juices for geographical origin classification.

Distribution of vaccine-related high-risk human papillomaviruses and their impact on the development of cervical dysplasia in women in Montenegro. Comparative study of immunohistochemical determination of breast cancer molecular subtypes on core biopsy and surgical specimens.

Konatar, M. Renewable energy in the Western Balkans: Policies, developments and perspectives. Riquet F. Piria, M. Using historical and citizen science data to improve knowledge about the occurrence of the elusive sandbar shark Carcharhinus plumbeus Chondrichthyes—Carcharhinidae in the Adriatic Sea. First insight into the whole genome shotgun sequence of the endangered noble pen shell Pinna nobilis: a giant bivalve undergoing a mass mortality event.

Contemporary records of the rare and critical endangered angular rough shark, Oxinotus centrina, Linnaeus, , from eastern Adriatic Sea. The characterization and pollution status of the surface sediment in the Boka Kotorska Bay, Montenegro. Spatial distribution, radiological risk assessment and positive matrix factorization of gamma-emitting radionuclides in the sediment of the Boka Kotorska Bay.

Morphometric characteristics of Congridae leptocephali from the southern Adriatic Sea. Optimizacija izbora opreme i provodnika u visokonaponskim razvodnim postrojenjima. Effect of chemical composition and quenching media on recoverable strain in Cu-Zn-Al alloys. Hardware implementation of the upper confidence-bound algorithm for reinforcement learning. Particle-hole Pfaffian intracorrelations and intercorrelations in the quantum Hall bilayer.

Vanja M. A giant placental chorioangioma with a resultant live birth; a discussion of management options. The use of questions posed by professors in English and Montenegrin academic lectures: A corpus-based study. Palandrani, C. Role of photosynthesis and stomatal conductance on the long-term rising of intrinsic water use efficiency in dominant trees in three old-growth forests in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Montenegro.

Comparing pixel- and object- based forest canopy gaps classification using low-cost unmanned aerial vehicle imagery. Indebtedness and the road to monetary sovereignty following the international recognition of Montenegro in Pulicaria sicula L. Moris, a new species in the flora of Montenegro and the westernmost record in the Balkan Peninsula.

Application validity of the technologicalprocedure for making spiral drill-bit grooves. How much and what kind of vocabulary do marine engineers need for adequate comprehension of ship instruction books and manuals? The long-journeying poor cousin before the shut EU door: How the Western Balkans are metaphorically conceptualised in the context of the EU integrations.

A discourse analysis of Montenegrin university lectures: How structured are they? Ali, Ziad. Towards accurate calculation of supercapacitor electrical variables in constant power applications using new analytical closed-form expressions. Estimation of parameters of a sum of sinusoids sampled below the Nyquist rate with frequencies away from the grid.

Shaheen, M. Analysis of corrosion depth percentage on the inner bottom plates of aging bulk carriers with an aim to optimize corrosion margin. Anatomical traits of Artemisia umbelliformis subsp. Durmitor Montenegro. Otolith morphology and microchemistry fingerprints of European eel, Anguilla anguilla Linnaeus, stocks from the Adriatic Basin in Croatia and Montenegro.

Aligning document layouts extracted with different OCR engines with clustering approach. Influence of d-wave superconductor orientation on Josephson current and phase difference in junctions with inhomogeneous ferromagnet. Jevto Lj. Screening of dysphagia in relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis patients in Montenegro.

Genetic parameters of the type traits of Holstein-Friesian primiparous dairy cows. Characterization and geochronology of the deltaic system from Jequitinhonha River, Brazil. Oliveira, G. Svetislav G. Challenges of sustainable spatial development in the light of new international perspectives - The case of Montenegro.

TREND database: Retinal images of healthy young subjects visualized by a portable digital non-mydriatic fundus camera. The Montenegrin Adriatic Coast. Description of Balaustium ryszardi sp. Prostigmata from Greece with a key to the world larval species. Water mites of the genus Atractides Koch, from Kyrgyzstan Acari: Hydrachnidia: Hygrobatidae with the description of six new species. Production of planting material of raspberry variety "Glen Ample" in the North Montenegro.

Analysis of the erosion potential and sediment yield using the IntErO model in an experimental watershed dominated by karst in Brazil. Zejak, D. Rajaei, F. The Arab Spring a decade on: information and communication technologies as a mass mobilization tool. Analiza, implementacija i primjena gradijentnih algoritama za rekonstrukciju kompresivno odabranih signala. Primary hyperparathyroidism associated with acquired long QT interval and ventricular tachycardia.

Horvat, A. Maric, M. Szymkowiak, A. Strategic business decision making: the use and relevance of marketing metrics and knowledge management. Asmantaite, V. Select the third team from the drop down menu. Select the fourth team from the drop down menu. Change player? Season: Agriniou A. Garlon Green Opponents Change settings? Opponent Started Opponent On Bench. Games Included: International Games. NBA Summer League. NBA Preseason. NCAA Games. Amath M'Baye.

Patrick Richard. Brendan Lane. Seth Tuttle. Dorian Green. Andrew Chrabascz. Adam Waddell. Justin Edwards. Pierce Hornung. Kellen Dunham. Andrija Stipanovic. Olivier Troisfontaines.

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Meni posle zaba zvanih Dacic, Slavica, Baki Pre svega da cestitam otvaranje knjizare! Za neke stvari se i vredi boriti! A sledece Cudni su putevi Gospodnji! U mojoj kuci nismo presli uopste preko ove informacije. Gljivicu jos nisam sazvakala, a sad i ovo chudo Mlados' sam ostavila na ulicnim protestima i ne samo ja. Je l' nam to FALA od ovih koje smo doveli namesto njih? Sram ih bilo Da izmenim malko njenu izjavu 'ocu reci, da je prilagodim danasnjim uslovima : Oni koji su doveli Goricu G.

Iako je rat, verovatno izgubljen. Za neke koje izvukoh, pitam se jesam li sanjala ili je stvarno tako bilo. Nema se sta dodati osim hvala za knjizaru!!! Citam vas dijalog g. I politika moze da bude vesela nekad zahvaljjuci duhovitim ljudima. Izostanak lustracije za mene je najvece razocarenje, za TO sam isla tamo pred Skupstinu, za TO sam mahala i zvizdala, lupala u serpe,puttovala za BG poslednjim parama iz kuce, samo da lopuze i gmazovi odu tamo gde i treba, pred SUD, pa ko je posten da mu skinem kapu a ko je cinio nedela razne vrste da robija, bas tako, da robija.

Onda sam videla da je samo sjahao Kurta a uzjahao Murta i od tada se samo smenjuju. Zato nemam "svoju" stranku, svi su oni na vlasti sve vreme, sve isti ljudi i ne cudim se sto se privatno lepo slazu i zezaju, moze im se pa to je sve zezanje na nas racun.

A ko da ih lustrira onda, pa nece sami sebe? Kada glasam glasam za kandidata koji bar nesto moze da uradi za Srbiju iako ni njemu ne verujem,toliko smo mnogo vremena izgubili da sam izuzetno razocarana svim politicarima, strankama i pojedincima koji su se bavili politikom posle Slobe. Tesko onim mladim ljudima koji su se uzdali da ce se nesto dobro dogoditi u Srbiji za vreme njihove mladosti, nece, samo ce cekajuci ostariti.

Moram priznati da sve vreme ima i ljudi kojima verujem ali njihova moc da nesto promene nije tako velika, kako pokusaju nesto da urade tako ih sklanjaju da ne smetaju bratiji u njihovim "biznis" politikama. Zakon o lustraciji nikada nije poceo da se primenjuje jer nije bilo onoga sto je prethodilo lustraciji u svim postkomunistickim zemljama-otvaranja dosijea tajnih sluzbi!

Zasto to nikome ne pada na pamet da uradi ni danas-osam godina kasnije?!!!!! Zato sto bi se ispostavilo da je 5o posto funkcionera svih nekada opozicionih stranaka,a danas koalicionih partnera na vlasti cinkarilo za drzavu,sto profesionalno za lovu ili volonterski za ne daj Boze. Odnosno,kako da oni koji treba da budu lustrirani,a na vlasti su od 5. Objasnjenje tipa-Otvaranje dosijea urusilo bi Sluzbu- jeste alibi za odrzavanje u zivotu necega sto je direktni potomak Udbe.

Sta je sa hiljadama policajaca koji su na raznim demonstracijama prebijali demonstrante,cesto decu,devojke i mladice,krvolocno kao zveri-danas su nacelnici i veliki sefovi u toj istoj Narodnoj Miliciji

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