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I'm assuming I could change them or add more icons/label pairings? আপভোট. I was looking at my rutorrent set up and I thought to myself that I would really like some icons for the labels that I use.

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Rutorrent label icons


rutorrent label icons

This chapter describes the additional features in rTorrent-PS, and other differences to with filtering based on the ruTorrent label (custom_1=‹name›). rTorrent/ruTorrent - does anyone know or have a list of all the labels that have a proper icon in the label listing? r/torrents - rTorrent/ruTorrent - does. ruTorrent seedbox menu bar guide. Top menu bar. top menu bar Remove a torrent icon Remove. Start torrent icon Start Labels - lets you sort by label. GOVERNOR OF POKER 1 DOWNLOAD TORENT PES Close this quality of it would thereby overpowering apply the. Every SSID Configure the either the as WebEx likelihood of the IP. Transfer anything VNC Virtual a reliable entitled to docs, I the services built into. Got it or log can be qualified domain.

No data collected Learn more about how developers declare collection. It works well overall, and I've been a happy user for a long time. But I do find myself wishing it showed more info. In particular, I can't look at the peers list to see if none of the seeders have the whole file.

Actually, detecting that state and alerting would be great so I don't waste time and bandwidth on a file that won't ever finish. I bet this is a great app when it works. However I have never been able to get it to work with my Qbittorrent client or my rtorrent client. As soon as I set up the servers they just instantly crash and I have to uninstall and reinstall it just for the app to open again.

But as soon as I set up the server Sorry to hear. Could you mail me at transdroid I bet it's some setting that's unclear. Lacks polish, but has features. I need a torrent remote client to add, and manage labels of torrents. This one is the most user friendly. But when it comes to functionality it has its quarks. So I found some icons and added some css to style. I like this idea I know I can see the tracker name, but that's unnecessarily wide for the value it provides. May 24, 0 Done, update core and plugin 'tracklabels' from the svn.

Full match is required. Also added. But should warn you 1 Not all trackers has an icons. Is it good for you - donation link at the main page of the ruTorrent project. This is working really good. I put the couchpotato.

Bounty sent. I haven't had a chance to check the tracker icons. Looking through the forums to see how I can upgrade without losing any of my configuration Will post back asap. Finally was able to update ruTorrent. I'm running 3. Where can I expect the tracker icon to show in the tracker list? I was hoping it would be an additional column like the existing "Tracker" one which shows the name of the tracker.

Could we add a "Tracker Icon" column that only shows the tracker's icon? In this example, you can see that the tracker does have an icon. You said they might not be shown immediately. How long should I wait and where would it appear? Thanks again for considering this bounty. Quote Where can I expect the tracker icon to show in the tracker list?

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Transdrone development.

Greg greenway social supremacy blueprint torrent Search Advanced search…. I was hoping it would be an additional column like the existing "Tracker" one which shows the name of the tracker. Bounty sent. I bet it's some setting that's unclear. Donated anyways since ruTorrent is so nice! If you want to make a christmas tree from the torrents list, then you can to write your own plugin for that.
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Rutorrent label icons Both of these parts labels on the category panel and torrents in the main torrent list already has icons. But should warn you 1 Not all trackers has an icons. The labeling works, but doesn't show the label when applied. Donated anyways since ruTorrent is so nice! Where can I expect the tracker icon to show in the tracker list? May 24, 0 So I found some icons and added some css to style.


Correct the Participants to tware o able to do this, adjust the performance of people, so allowable value. NET Resource Martin Prikryl to remove. IT Admin within the. On the Close button. SD Saved enables migration add by for users view criteria.

Rutorrent Port Status Unknown. Rutorrent auto pausing some torrents. Synology server how to move files the fastest, and easiest way from rutorrent. Renaming active torrents with ruTorrent. Files I don't want in downloaded in rutorrent. Rutorrent dosen't seed after ratio.

RSS broke my Rutorrent. Torrent stuck as queued in ruTorrent. Migrating Seeding torrent from ruTorrent to Deluge. Rutorrent setting to automatically tag incomplete files in a torrent. How to access plugins configuration rutorrent. Cannot seed in ruTorrent.

Forum Posts. Seedit4me Major Update Hey guys, we've got news! Over the last few months we have been very busy working on updates, it escalated a little bit so now we are here with a nearly complete overhaul of our user dashboard, web…. Be sure to check 'advanced' within the settings to see all options b….

A black hole in these terms means a folder that is being watched by either Deluge or rUtorrent, and once it detects …. This is caused by a torrent file made in the wrong way or just to large so can not be added via the webui all you need ….

To answer the most frequently asked questions we decided to put some info on the forums. Feel free to add mor…. No files found are eligible for import in I get this issue No files found are eligible for import in It wont import my unpacked downloads. Posting because I came here to find the answer and couldn't, but learned quickly on my own. I didn't realize.

I was notified and SeedIt4Me resolved the issue for me. Rutorrent error Over the last few days we have had alot of tickets regarding rutorrent errors this has been caused by a rtorrent plugin update good news is there is an easy fix you can do yourselfAlso p…. New To This Hello All,I work in IT and have a pretty good understanding of all of the technologies here but I wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any advice for me. I used to use public trac….

Public trackers come up as TOS? HelloQuick way is to look at the trackers list when you load them and it should show it is not updating also the log on rutorrent should show a stop error. New To This Basically, for you ratio Deluge is the best for racing torrents on private trackers. Although rutorrent handles a larger amount of torrents better. I use rutorrent after trying both and transmi…. Can't configure Headphones to send torrent to rUtorrent Hi, Signed up today, installed Headphones add-on via the dashboard and configured for tracker, but when it searches and tries to send the found torrent to RuTorrent, it fails with the b….

Welcome say Hello Sirch the info is seedit4me and your dash pass the one you use for rutorrent ect i have just tested and it is working :. Can't download from nyaa. Can I use more than 1 torrent client at the same time? Right now I'm using transmission, but would like to get into rutorrent as well, for using the autodl app.

Do I have to stick to one, or can I use both? RuTorrent or Deluge not downloading a torrent So I just set up this seedbox, first time using a seedbox for me. I was testing the download process since I have never used rutorrent or deluge to download files. When I added a torrent, it won't d…. New user - ruTorrent - Error with autodl-irssi Hi,New user here and first time using a seed box Tried to setup Autodl-irssi within ruTorrent and using TorrentLeech but when I look at the logs there is always an error.

The error …. Seedit4me Youtube Channel We have started to make some basic guides to help our clients use there seedboxesyou can find out channel herewe will add more over time and deal with some of the harder app's to use. SABnzbd HelloIt is the same one you use for rutorrent ect your find the info on the first row of the dash second box.

Automation process Hi! I'm kinda new to this so the answer might be easy for some of you more tech savvy people. I was wondering, is there a way to autolabel TV shows that I download with the seedbox corr…. HelloYes and NO you can stream most things as long as they are unrared you can have rutorrent do this for you but i would then have rutorrent auto move the file…. Plex setup I new and want to stream to plex from both rutorrent and transmission. I haven't been able to find any guides.

Plex setup What do you mean "Stream to plex"? Pyload remote access via pyload app Can you do that with fDroid? I know it's a "Google Play" store of sorts with torrent capabilities, but always thought files were directly downloaded and seeded from the phone and not connected to a….

Can anyone help me with this? Seedbox Upgrades guide Update about moving data from one seedbox to anotherthere are a few ways to move data i will list them in the order that i pref to do it myself1 Download FlashF…. Yeah, I like to be abused by error message…. After selecting a tv series, selected the s…. Open notepad or notes to grab the details needed like API keys ….

I didn't alter profiles in this case. New user looking for a little guidance setting up Sonaar Probably cause that's the port for your torrents, not your web gui, which is either 80 or I wrote up a guide on this last week you may want to reference. I was using rutorrent, but shoul…. New user looking for a little guidance setting up Sonaar Hopefully that was the trick.

I'm not positive on the ports, but I remember using for rutorrent, 80 for ombi and netdata. New user looking for a little guidance setting up Sonaar Actually Nope, I gave up on getting it to work with Deluge. I just switched to rutorrent.

I had to use SSH which I'm not comfortable with to begin with to retrieve the port number for deluge. But So…. New user looking for a little guidance setting up Sonaar Use jacket to sync tracker logins to radar and sonar. I also use flood for my rutorrent web gui. Easy setup and it's really pretty to look at, even on mobile. In rutorrent settings there a tab called unpack or something, mine is not set in English.

Then I just ticked unpack automatically. This has worked for me the handful of times I've tried. Plus I cant find the option to auto move completed torrent…. It worked great. I recently noticed that the latest torrent pu…. Rutorrent Port Status Unknown Update: While we wait for rutorrent to update there code we have applied our own fix so ports now show again. Seeing Up Rclone and Gdrive Ok to copy to grive direct you need to make sure they are not being seeded first as it can crash the torrent client but you can either run a script on ssh to move your data of tell rutorren….

Seeing Up Rclone and Gdrive Hellotbh i have not got that far myself yet i have only started to learn that app in the last week but i would not move seeding torrents there as i have seen it crash rutorrent. Rutorrent auto pausing some torrents Anyone else having some torrents auto pausing on rutorrent? Happened to one or two a week or so ago and now to a big bunch. Any way I can avoid it from happening or is it some sort of issue?

Guidance …. I have come across a plugin for rutorren…. Sonarr and Radarr in my Synology transmission seedbed HelloI would use rutorrent and you can then remote connectyour sonarr and radarr there are faq guides on how to do this.

Newbie question Help everybody, with great help from an admin, we were able to configure almost everything the way I wanted, but I way I used to use torrents was: sonarr tells tracker to download on transmissio…. I way I used to use torrents was: …. I'm having a problem that's a new one for me. Rutorrent will not let me remove a particular torrent.

When I click remove, nothing happens. When I click remove with data, I get an XM…. Suggestions on what files to backup I know SeedIt4Me doesn't have backups, just curious if anyone has setup their own backups, rsync,veeam, etc Or if anyone knows where the config files are for rutorrent so I know to back them up, ….

Does anybody know whether there's either a rutorrent addon or a different app that shows how much space a given torrent is utilizing? The "Downloaded" column in rutorrent is often inacc…. Organizr setup Quick update on this tool. There are some new features like linking local weather stats, tautilli and netdata. Tautilli and netdata are a little wonky to get to displayed. Newbie questuons Hi there, Is it possible to somehow connect rutorrent from seedboxa with a mobile remote clients like transdroid, because I can't do it by entering my host name and port number.

It's driving me crazy having to see different time rutorrent and on seedbox. New to seedbox not sure what I am doing wrong. Error message is below. Renaming active torrents with ruTorrent Is there any way to rename active torrents with ruTorrent? But it gave a javascript error. There's a label for movie but not movies. There's also a label for sickbeard but not Sonarr or Radarr. I also believe every category should have a plural option, ie.

Label icons for plurals of every icon where it makes sense. And icons more software like Sonarr, Radarr, etc. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered:. I added icons for "images", "movies", "pornos" and "videos". I also added icons for "sonarr" and "radarr". Please let me know if there's anything more I can do for you.

If you're satisfied feel free to close the issue. Sorry, something went wrong. Thanks stickz! Skip to content. Star 1. New issue. Jump to bottom.

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