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What kinds of people could you meet if you reached out and said hello? Paid someone a compliment? Or asked them a question? You have a voice, opinions, and experience. Twitter is a chance for you to voice all of that to a wider audience than you might be able to reach otherwise.

I use it as a chance to share content that I find relevant or interesting, post occasional images that are either heart-warming or hilarious, voice my opinions, and even engage in heated debates. When I first moved to Vancouver, I needed a way to meet new people, and work through some of my social anxiety most people are shocked to hear that this was ever an issue, but it was, believe me. I went to a Twitter meet-up organized by Canadian artist James White.

It turned out to be a great night, and I ended up meeting my now good friend, Justin. From there, I was introduced to his girlfriend, one of my best friends, Michelle. We began organizing ongoing Twitter meetups, and looking back, a good chunk of my friend base in Vancouver is largely the result of those Twitter meetups!

They ended up being a big part of my decision to move to Bali to work temporarily. I met a truly great friend of mine, Gloria Roheim randomly via Twitter, when she tweeted me after seeing that I was in Paris! Alas, I missed her by one day, but we agreed that we would meet in person the next time I was in town. We talk passionately and often about what it means to be a self-employed female entrepreneur, and she interviewed me for her upcoming book. And lastly, I met my partner Ben via Twitter.

Enter Cliff Notes version of how it happened:. Ben stumbled upon my website for the first time when he was researching Hawaii for his honeymoon ha! I had used it as an experiment for learning how to work with a Content Management System. He noticed that I was a fellow web designer, also on Twitter, and he messaged me to compliment me on the website. We chatted a bit about Hawaii, and continued to keep in touch casually via Twitter over the years. So we all agreed to meet up at the kick-off party, followed by some grub at a nearby restaurant.

I ended up sitting across from Ben, and inevitably, both being self-employed and working in similar fields, we had a lot to talk about. Little did I know that that evening, when Ben and his wife went home… she bluntly told him that he needed to be with someone like me.

Ben brushed it off, but there must have been a twinge of truth to it…. Over the next 6 months or so, we both went through our respective breakups, and I did my solo Asia trip in the early Spring. I had a gaelic football tournament in Seattle nearing in a few weeks, and it was also his birthday weekend. I suggested that we meet up, and invited him to come watch our games. He seemed excited, and even offered his place for me to stay. I was a little nervous and excited, as I had a great deal of respect for Ben as a person, and as a professional, and I knew he was recently divorced.

He looked so different than I remembered! His gigantic red beard was gone, he was taller than I recalled, and he had a huge beaming smile. He gave me a delicious hug, and one to my friend as well, and we all sat down for several pints in celebration of his birthday, our tournament—and why not—his divorce!

Fast forward to game day—Ben came out and watched all of our games, cheering us on with his mascot, Mochi. At one point he congratulated me with a quick half-hug, arm around the shoulder, and I realized I had a crush that was growing bigger by the minute. I was still feeling a bit conflicted about whether or not it was appropriate to make a move on my recently divorced and yet oh-so-beautiful and talented friend….

That evening, Ben joined us as we celebrated our victory with pints at an Irish Pub. OH, and there may have been a Victory cup full of rum. Sure enough, at some point the time felt right. I remembered something he had told me in our chats— that he was going to be open to trying new things, not saying no to anything. Like, if I kissed you right here in the bar? And so I kissed him. And I was officially hooked. Twitterpated, if you will see what I did there? I fell in love with an amazing guy I met via Twitter.

We still argue about who made the first move…. Are you using Twitter yet? Feel free to follow me if you enjoyed this post!

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