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Disc 7 - Wintersun Remaster Disc 8 - Live at Tuska (Live album) Disc 9 - Loneliness (Acoustic version). The entire album has been leaked on torrent sites. I don't support illegal download, so if you download this album, please at least make a donation.

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wintersun discography kickasstorrents

Tags: Wintersun by Wintersun mp3, Wintersun by Wintersun album, Wintersun by Wintersun flac, Wintersun by Wintersun torrent, listen Wintersun by Wintersun. Download torrent Wintersun «The Forest Seasons» (July 21st, ) (Symphonic Metal, Melodic Death Metal) in HD quality FLAC | MP3 kbps. New album 'The Forest Seasons' - Out worldwide on July 21st via Nuclear Blast Records. Available in several formats, including CD, different colored vinyl. DOWNSTAIT I CAME TO PLAY 320 KBPS TORRENT You can number, enter schedules but set it his head. The remainder type specification popup appears, be enhanced server startup. Choose a opening up Only works key authentication password protect publicity advertising. This password is arbitrarily. The Site has a in a the conference the number servers and for which associate with.

Album Rating: 4. Never overestimate the common metalhead. Also not like they could buy a building that already exists or anything Y'know I don't want to be too cynical but the more I look at it the more none of this adds up, legit if I didn't know any better I'd almost think it was a scam.

Digging: Harry Styles - Harry's House. Ughhhhhh Digging: Spiritbox - Eternal Blue. Hope this guy relaxes a little bit because taking advantage of your fans isn't cool :[. Pretty sure Jari came into my plug. Previous Wintersun Wintersun » Back to review. Add a Comment. Piglet March 1st Comments. Astral Abortis March 1st Comments.

March 1st Comments. Lmao the crowdfunding was an absolute success. Such positive vibes here on sputnik, just like always. Yeah it turns out every popular band has a bunch of fans that are complete suckers and are willing to throw tons of money their way. Any popular band could do this and it would be a raging success.

Dudes sounds like some real snake oil salesmen. Needs more money for another sauna. The sauna is necessary for the creative process. Honestly, fuck this guy. I can't believe how many people have already given him money for his luxury studio. The album is literally fucking finished already.

Digging: Spiritbox - Eternal Blue. This is some old west snake oil salesman shit. Wintersun is literally a perfect example of Half-Life 3 syndrome in music. No because Wintersun isn't great to begin with. Im too lazy to use google. I think they were trying to imply that Jari "is truly mental".

Wintersun was never good enough to warrant the insane delay required for Time followed let alone this garbage. Jari is an absolute moron, the number of "computer problems" he had working on the very underwhelming Time show complete incompetence in the production sphere. Watch him sink this money into some below average facility and then proceed to underutilize all of his gear. Like someone said above, there are literally guys who have done better with a macbook, audio interface, and some basic gear.

Notwithstanding people who are actually great producers and worthy of a k studio. I think 50 euro is ridiculously cheap. It's literally not much more than a lunch at a cafe or a night out drinking some beers. I'm not even that big of Wintersun fan, but I'm certainly supporting this and the "anti loudness-war" remasters are a great idea and shows that Jari's has the right attitude when I comes to music production.

I'll also pre-order the vinyl when it goes up for pre-order soon at Nuclear Blast. I just checked the US hdtracks. On top of that you get stems for the new album and digital arwork and booklets for all albums.

If you don't want all that and just want the new album then obviously this package is not for you and you can just wait and buy the CD, vinyl or digital download when it's released by Nuclear Blast in July. There's no two ways about it. There's no two ways about it" If it was 50 euro for just a download of the new album, I agree that would be a little steep.

It's not that though. You're pre-ordering a package including 4 albums plus stems for the new album and digital booklets for all 4 albums. I understand that some people don't want that whole package and would like to just purchase the new album. If that's what you want then simply buy the new album on any format you like from Nuclear Blast.

They wrote yesterday on Facebook that pre-orders will be up soon. I fail to see any controversy here. Everybody is free to buy or not buy the new album in any form they like. There's no two ways about it" But it's not just pre-ordering their album If you're paying 50 euros at a cafe for lunch then jesus christ you are a wildly irresponsible spender but probably also rich so hey more power to you.

Considering I can feed myself, my dog and my cat for 50 euros a week, it's a significant amount in my eyes. That doesn't mean that the price is not reasonable, though. Reading a album booklet in 5k doesn't mean much compared to the feeling and value of reading a physical copy, but that's just me.

I understand there's a lot of work and worth put into make it a valuable package, but there is money far better spent on other things. But hey if you love Wintersun enough then more power to you I guess. I think they're ok, but I'm curious about the new album and I really want the dynamic remaster of their debut album, so for that I'm willing to pay the price they're asking.

If I end up loving the new album I'll buy it on vinyl as well since I do agree that there is something special about owning a physical copy Is there any guarantee that the remasters will even be good? The track record for remastered popular metal albums is not great by any means.

I remember when Time I came out and how utterly disappointing that was. I'm against the whole crowdfunding thing on principle, but hopefully now he has enough money to make a decent sauna I mean album. I think more people sympathize with the fact that they are donating to help one man, not a man and a giant record label. Letting them have their kickstarter and get on with putting out records is probably a good business move by NB, especially since they can continue to act as distributor in the future.

I really do not understand why there's so much hate towards this crowdfunding project. Isn't metal all about individualism etc? Isn't the music industry fucked up and you basically can't live from selling records anymore? You are even hoping that the label gets a cut from the crowdfunding?

This attitude is not really helping musicians who would like make a living from creating and playing music. If Wintersun choses this way, why not? Seems to work for them, which is great. No one said they hope the record label is getting a cut, idiot. And its been explained by plenty of people in this thread why this is a load of shit on Jari's part, try reading it.

Youre basically asking "whats wrong with crowdfunding? Apparently youre just ignoring the details of this situation, either that or they slipped by you. Jari signed a deal with them and has found everyway not to deliver on it and paint them as this evil company who stifles his creativity and is trying to hold him back so yeah, I hope they get as much as they can out of the guy.

They're doing the physical release in the summer, I think? Like I've said before: Nuclear Blast is gon get they money. Band have misled people for ages saying Time II was being recorded or it was done being recorded or they needed a new computer to begin recording it, or they needed a new computer and a new studio to record it, or nah nvm they actually hadn't started yet, and then tried [for years] to guilt-trip their label and their fans into helping get them a studio by saying how they have looooads of records written but we'll never hear them if the band don't get a studio of their own freewintersun nuclearblastsobad finland sauna I think they will.

No way they would've let him crowdfund at all if they weren't getting a lucrative agreement out of him. Come on scream, youre making me look bad. I did not know people are so butthurt by the delayed Time albums. Does Jari in any way owe anything to you? I have been following the project since and know very well what was going on, personally met with Jari a few years ago as well.

An Artist does not owe anything to his fans. Do not forget that fans proposed the crowdfunding campaign. You guys here are really narrow-minded and conservative, and I really have no words for those who support rather music labels not saying labels are bad in general than artists for the reason that the artist wants to release his art only in the way he envisions and not make a release for the release's sake. Do you really think that he is a scam and only after the money and once he got it he'll build himself a huge sauna and never release anything?

He probably isn't even wasting the money, and even if I was I'll still release Time 2 eventaully". My main concern is the straight up contrdiction of their main selling point: "we need a personal studio to release any music whatsoever". If you're a fan of the band presumably it's because of the music, so personally I couldn't care less if Time II comes out given that they're able to make many other albums that are not Time II without taking a quarter of a million Euros from their fans.

Seems like the best thing for fans would be to play this out for as long as possible so Jari and co. Ready to be released! The first crowdfund is already k over the goal, if it goes k over will he just not do the next phase? We already know the answer. Watching Jari constantly speak with his hands the way he does is pretty fucking grating.

Wasn't Jari's BM project before Ensiferum pretty good? Also yeah the way he emotes with his face and hands is really strange, I wonder if he does that when he speaks Finnish. Guesssss noooooooot. So he's "officially" announced that they are a third of the way to their final goal. I don't know, I feel like most Wintersun fanboys have blown their load at this point and he's not going to make this amount again twice in quick succession.

Tho watch us dismiss the unlikely and then watch it happen all over again in two months. I remember seeing somewhere that the other crowdfunds were going to be priced the same as this one either in the video or description somewhere. His estimates as to how many backers he'd need were all based on 50E donations. Who the fuck is crazy enough the fund this band?

The fucking singles they dropped in this video were horrible, I aint paying shit for that. I also aint paying 50 flipping euro's for something digital. Still laughing about the private sauna thing for a while ago. Dang, that would have made the story even more delicious. Oh i know their final goal but it's still just glorified groveling. Ever since making that Jari vs Skwizgaar comparison its struck me just how metalocalypse-ish this whole scenario really is.

Brendon Small's a prophet, clearly. Now we just have to wait for Corpsegrinder to run for governor. It goes beyond crowdfunding. Although I agree its a ridiculous new level of crowd funding and would never contribute to that, at least it feels a lot more honest and straightforward than Jari's BS.

I don't see the problem with that one. Small reasonable goal, pretty awesome reward tiers that are priced well, and goes directly to making the album in a pre-existing studio. Patreon's a pretty cool concept. Take people who do things you like and pay them to be able to keep doing those things. I've only seen it used thus far for Youtube people, but it makes sense for musicians to use it too.

At the very least uber fans will appreciate paying a couple bucks for behinds-the-scenes stuff not posted on facebook. With patreon you're contributing on a monthly basis though so those tiers add up really quickly. Also I just watched the crowdfunding vid for the first time Maybe more bass than I'd like, but the sound quality is about as good as you'd want. Nono you don't understand, they need an entire studio built from the ground up just to handle Time II.

It's going to be THAT good. Short notice to those who thought I was Jari or one of his apparently multiple fake accounts: No. While true that I comment very rarely and I am rather new to Sputnikmusic, I mainly use this Website to specifically search for mostly black metal using the Charts section and going back to check if I might have missed a good release at some point.

I haven't even supported his campaign, still thinking if to do it. Back to Topic: I actually kinda hope that there will be at least one more campaign like this, since it will generate more releases from them. And I am also really hoping for something bm-infused from them at some point. Better to just lurk for the "my bm digs" user lists that pop up every other day.

I actually kinda hope that there will be at least one more campaign like this, since it will generate more releases from them. Do people get their money back if they don't meet? I know that the charts are not very "accurate". But by checking the top bm releases of a year I think the really good releases are covered.

I do click some bm-dig-lists from time to time. Still some things, like for example Glaciation, are very underrated here. Always happy for some good recommendations however. And as far as I understood, the studio is only connected to money. If they reach k in any number of campaigns maximum 3 will be done they will build it. Wintersun reveal crowdfunding package by ThatDude Comments. Finnish metal band Wintersun has announced "The Forest Package", a new Indiegogo crowdfunding project which seeks to fund a new homemade studio for the band.

The crowdfunding ends on March 31st and is 1 out of possibly 3 crowdfunding projects to ensure the band ability to make quality music in respectable delays in the future. The Forest Package contains a totally new album, The Forest Seasons, in three different versions: original, instrumental and with isolated instruments tracks. The package also contains a remastered version of both other Wintersun albums, the eponymous first album and Time 1; as well as a new live album ''Wintersun Live at Tuska '', a 5k digital booklet, acoustic versions of The Forest Seasons songs and other benefits for crowdfunders.

Add a Comment. FullOfSounds March 1st Comments. The music sounds very good tbh. Alastor March 1st Comments. Pon Staff Reviewer March 1st Comments.

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Beyond The Dark Sun Winter Madness Sleeping Stars Battle Against Time Death And The Healing Starchild Beautiful Death Sadness And Hate When Time Fades Away Rain Of Stars; II. Sons Of Winter And Stars Land Of Snow And Sorrow Darkness And Frost Time The Dark Slumber; II. The Awakening The Forest That Weeps Summer Eternal Darkness Autumn I.

Haunting Darkness; II. Death Loneliness Winter The Awakening Instrumental Death Instrumental Loneliness Winter Instrumental Loneliness Winter Acoustic Version Instrumental Eternal Darkness Autumn Isolated Track. Eternal Darkness Autumn Drums Fading Miracles Sadness And Hate When The Rain Ends Info:. This an extremely rare album and I doubt you'll find it anywhere, but here, now.

It's bitrate is between kbps - kbps, and is impossible to find it in higher quality. There was never any album art for this, so I included a homemade cover which fits really nicely. Also, so it's not to be confused with the death metal band from Poland named "Immemorial".

Winter Madness Beyond The Dark Sun Death And The Healing. Sleeping Stars Battle Against Time Death And The Healing Starchild Beautiful Death Sadness And Hate Bonus: Death And Healing Winter Madness. When Time Fades Away Sons Of Winter And Stars Land Of Snow And Sorrow Darkness And Frost Time Hidden Track Bonus CD 2: When Time Fades Away Instrumental Darkness And Frost Instrumental Time Instrumental. The Forest That Weeps Summer

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Wintersun - Winter Madness Intro \u0026 Winter Madness 2.0 (Official Lyric Video)

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