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Torrentleech inactive account services


torrentleech inactive account services

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Torrentleech inactive account services buy direct hits the killers torrent


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Get reports with all the necessary details on a regular schedule right in your mailbox. However, the tool has limited functionality. Muy grande. Fuckin joke read all comments lol. You can get same torrents else where with out the seed games. Joined up and what a joke with the wait time. Not going to bother with it. Oh look and you will see they are not in top Support TorrentLeech: Help us with the server costs and gain awesome privileges! Learn more about it here.

I like the site and content. Yes, I do have a seed box and my ratio is climbing just fine. I think the speeds are really fast and the best thing is the staff leaves you alone. Great site. Been a member for years.

What TL lacks in pre times they make up for in retention and peers. Seeding is really not that hard. Just leave your bittorrent client open and watch the bytes flow. What a shit tracker. Yes, to be fair there are also Xvid,Mkv in rar format. A mix of the two exists on this site. Hi boys, this is good site a private tracker it is.

This tracker is one of the best of all elite trackers. Love the invite code…bitsoup has become a joke…owner has officially ran it to the ground with making it a pay-to-leech site…smart, now your really asking to get shut down! Dumb website that does not send emails to tutanota. Not website is dumb but you people!

Use normal email. Not shity. Then you not need to blame this tracker. I have good ratio on 5 HD trackers, but this is shit. No upload bonus for new users, poor seed, no chance to get good ratio…really bad tracker. Attention new users!!! Start cross seeding to build buffer.

There is a section in the forum all about this. Lol some of you guys are fkn noobs. Very good content and speed for scene releases. Missing releases can easily be requested once you reach certain user class. Maintaining ratio can be a challenge. Even with a seedbox you need to know what to grab and you have to use RSS or autoirssi. An excellent site with great speeds even for old torrents. May be difficult to start if you are a beginner.

This is not a bad site. Actually its a pretty good little tracker. I like sci-fi shows mainly tv series and i found a few here that the big public trackers did not have. I use to have TL account 3 years ago, but I lost it due to inactivity. I had gig buffer. Sucks to start over, but less than week I already have a 25gig buffer with in a weeks time because I seeding 75 movies…lol. Off course, after I was cut off, I was immediately offered V. All these 0day trackers are pretty much all the same: torrents deleted after 3 days of inactivity.

The better ones like TL have great retention, thats among many other things is why they are all not the same. I hope this review helps. Theres like 60k member but on most torrents theres just 10 guys on it except for the blockbusters. These rules are non sense.

All these rules exist for money. If you are in a decent site, you does not need any seed box to maintain good ratio. Those rules are old like the tracker and exist to offer retention. If everybody seeds at least 1 back, everybody gets the file. TL has good retention times and speeds because it holds all of its members on these high standars.

When you join such a site, you can expect to get a good service for all your effort but you must be prepared to make an effort. Just go to public trackers if you want freeleech. This is clearly not the place for you. When the sign ups are open there is no wait time before the download so if you know what will be popular and what not you can easily build up a buffer.

It will cost you less than 3 euros but it is well worth it. I never liked TL. Use this crap for invites only… to exchange invites for better stuff. No seed box and I find this to be one of the easiest sites to keep a ratio on. Sounds like a bunch of butt hurt.

Stick to your site and move along. Buffer is not a problem at all unless you live in Antarctica or something. Very tough to reach 0. Layout is outstanding, and everything is seeded. However, nothing exceptional here worth all this trouble. And newbies should stay away from this site. It will be great to know your Tips in detail to easy keep Ratio in TL without a seedbox or cross-seeding.

This seems like a solid site. Very tough site to keep Minimum Ratio 0. No Freeleechs, No Bonus. You will not be kicked out before DL 6 Gigs, but must be extremely lucky with your first choices. Cross-seeding and a seedbox are essential. However, if you are a freak who like Ratio challenges this is the place to be.

Could not seed back at all … didnt know that and im about to get banned for that. Not enough leechers.. From today, you can enjoy safer torrenting! Enjoy the site! You have to be a fortune-teller selecting the first 6GB or you are in trouble. Torrents are well seeded. However, not enough leechers make things worse. This site is still garbage. You cannot compete with all of the seedboxes, I only managed to upload a few gb in two years because nobody would connect to me, the admin will not help you out at all, like was said before, they are all about the money grab.

Go somewhere else. It is impossible to build a ratio, even cross-seeding, unless you pay for a seedbox. Admin and mods are mean and the community is bad, they have advertiseemnts, they make it very difficult for new users, no freeleech, i could go on and on. Some private trackers have Freeleech downloads so you can help increase your ratio, but Torrentleech does not offer those, nor does it give a pass to those who seed for a certain amount of time.

This uploading problem is compounded by the fact that, unless you achieve VIP status, you are not even allowed to download new torrents and are stuck with torrents that are 15h or older. This makes your chances of actually being able to seed even less likely than normal. For me was a very bad experience on this tracker which i loved before and now is one of the worst trackers i had account.

First of all is very hard to mantain a good ratio and is not suitable for the users who don t have seedbox,is not a bonus point system to help maintain your ratio and the community is hard with you and they are trying to make you to donate for a tracker which isn t better than other 0day trackers. Reading the review and the above comments I feel i have to add my 2 cents in experience: no doubt torrenleech has many offers BUT when you start with torrnetleech you dont have any credit and wait times of 16 hours.

Older torrents are barely to not downloaded so they advise you to download torrents from other trackers that are new on torrentleech, download the torrentleech torrent, do the forced recheck and thereby help in the download time of existing members for new torrents. The alternative is to donate and get rid of waiting times, which you need if you want to have somebody to use your seed …… My translation: they actually want you to pay donate or if you are up for the hassle, you get the same new stuff from other trackers to build up ratio on torrentleech; why bother?

Without doubt, after you are in, with high enough upload and ratio, you might be able to maintain, if you are fast enough with new downloads and seeding back your ration since finding new stuff to upload is hard; they have a very broad offering already.

I just wonder, with this original starting point, where this tracker is heading…. So the new files people wants are only on TL. Which makes me wonder, why the fuck am I on Torrent Leech in the first place? It flies in the face of what I consider a private tracker to be. They have freeleech for less shared torrents, they have flexible share ratios, and some of the better ones give bonuses for time. Someone like Acid Lounge, which basically allows you to maintain a by simply not being a hit and runner.

I agree. Almost one year as a member and I barely reached 0. TL is simply very hard to build up a good ratio so you simply have to be patient and try to pick the right torrents to dlownload that do help you build up your ratio. I have spent the majority of today refreshing the site in a bid to be the very first to download new torrents. Each and everytime there appears to be the same seedboxes whoring everything allowing nobody to seed back anything.

Within less the Minutes everything I have downloaded has had 30 Plus seeds and next to no leechers. I have come to the conclusion that in order to get a decent ratio here you need to either A Have seedboxes or multiples of them. TL is only fun for Ratio Challenge freaks with seedboxes and fast speeds.

Even the dictatorial, non-mainstream Cinemaz is much better. At the end of the day, the Russians are unbeatable if you learn some Cyrillic. Having a fast connection really helps but that alone will not fly at TL. I have no interest in jumping through all these hoops or paying money for VIP or a seedbox just to compete against other seedboxes just to remain a member here. The Help forum is pretty littered with people facing the same issues.

Why anyone would jump through all those hoops just to maintain ratio is beyond understanding. The site is shit and money grabbing. IPT may also be shit but there you can dl all you need. Nothing unique on TL. I have had no problems at all with ratio myself.

This TL is so hard to get a good start and ratio. So basically i have been downloading from AR to seed TL. This doesnt make sense. Why am I here? Nice to have packs, but how can you ever download a pack if its this hard to get a buffer? Site needs freeleech sectios or rules or it doenst make sense. I dont have time for this. These trackers are just full of bots with auto-download, they just want ratio and never use it. Joined TL today. This tracker is not for begginers. AR is better for begginers and my favorite at the moment.

Didnt see anything that you cannot find elsewhere. I suggest you join just to marvel at other peoples seedboxes. If you find a torrent that actual has some peers that are not partial seeds they will be brought to percent in the shortest time.

They have some bigger torrents but its mostly rubbish. Movie packs full of movies between 1GB and 3GB that kind of stuff. You will never be able to get enough buffer to download them anyway. This is a giant scam for donations because for most users without a bucks a month for a seedbox this site is pointless. I suggest you join and start ripping.

At a certain point you will get a warning that you will be banned after five days. Keep ripping and then leave this site for good. Might get something out of it personally didnt see much and you maybe help some schmuck that is struggling with his ratio to get some upload. Been joined for two days now. At first it is a challenge to get a good ratio, but it is possible. Take this one with a grain of salt. If you get in there with your seedbox and you are in a location that will get you peers then what he say is possible.

Just dump the site as soon as it gets more trouble than its worth. My least favorite tracker. Seems impossible to achieve a decent ratio with normal broadband connection with or without VPN because the seedboxers will get the traffic. I expect to be banned soon for having a ratio under. TorrentLeech needs a bonus system or something to help casuals, or they need to clearly state they are not for casuals.

Also, I have only had good experiences with the mods, they do seem friendly and I wish them the best, I have no ill will toward their site. Fully agree. Most people should give this one a pass. If you are willing to spend money for a donation then there are many trackers that deserve it more than TL.

Plenty of sites out there that have freeleech, partial freelech, bonus system etc and unlike this tracker also have scene groups putting up lots of contents. So apparently there is no need to use a system like that. People should stop complaining and just use a seedbox to get their ratio up. Just remember to let a member of staff know that your using it.

Cross-seeding and having a seedbox works in the long run but you need to use autodl-irssi if you want to get ratio fast. Welcome to all our new members!! TL is great! TL is definitely a site with plenty of stuff, but their ratio policy is really obnoxious.

Funny reading all the complaints about how hard it is to seed there. No need to be bitchy about your own mistake though. Rightfully so. If you get in trouble with ratio and genuinely want to stick around, talk to a mod. On the other hand: the more of such people stay away because they think TL sucks, the better for everyone.

TL works only with vip. Great private tracker, lots of content easy to keep a ratio and develop buffer so long you have a seedbox. My ratio is fine.. Remember those quick scene releases appear on other trackers in a matter of minutes. And most likely those other trackers have peers. The tracker is good in terms of content, but it is a big hassle for everyday torrenters without a seedbox or anything like that. And that content is available everywhere else. Give this one a miss and be happy.

The only way to get a good ratio for majority of the users is to cross seed. It takes a lot of time investment to develop your epeen on this site. You need to work a bit harder to get a good buffer. Personally I think this is a great tracker. This site sucks. Worst site ever. You need Disable extension blocker to register in torrentleech or any extension who you will use to Blocks annoying video ads on YouTube, Facebook ads, banners.

Been on there for about 13 years and never had an issue. Sounds like you did something and got caught. Btw signups are closed for those without invite code! Top site, latest torrents, max out your connection speed, ad free!

Fuck TL. Using TL almost for a year. No problem at all. But that is rare. Due to the huge userbase TL is one of the easier strictly ratio-based trackers. TorrentLeech is a great site! One of the best for p2p and Scene Releases in general. Thanks for opening again! TL is one of the older torrent sites! When rarbg is beating your ass in the pre game its time to stop racing lulz.. Signed up to TL about a month ago. Had some concerns due to negative reviews on here, but it has been a positive experience with absolutely no bad issues!

I chose to make a donation via Bitcoin as I wanted to download a bunch of 4K movies without waiting to build ratio. In 4 weeks have downloaded approx 30 4K films — 1TB of data. Site is very polished and functions well. There is lots of new content and it is very well seeded so you get your torrents quickly. How is it possible? Must really be making bank. It seems to me that you account is almost surely locked and they demand a VIP subscription from you in order to use the site. Hard to maintain ratio, has some good stuff, but can be found on other trackers, so not that worth.

If the nublets regurgitating in the comments about not being able to keep a good ratio, go play on a nub site like rarbg lol. Do you want to be able to find all movies with the theme japanese highschool girls with short skirts? Korean sex comedy? Or any other theme? Quickly find movies with a particular theme. Easily download these themed collections. Enjoy themed collections. No more squandering your precious time trying to find movies. This exclusive collection on PTP is unmatched! Did you know?

People who live healthier and longer eat a plant-based diet. A plan-based diet and some exercise is all you need to live healthier and longer. Is there proof of this? Of course! Please check it out! They live a long, healthy life. They have virtually zero diseases in their lifetime. Heart attacks, diabetes, osteoperosis etc are absent.

They live long and healthy. First of all they have a great lifestyle. Their lifestyle promotes health, longevity and vigor. All of which are essential for the well-being of a person. So how do you adopt this kind of lifestyle? You start by adopting a whole-foods plant based diet.

Because it is what they eat. Follow this type of diet. I have TL account for a long time. It is very hard to seed, nowadays almost impossible. You are forced to pay for premium. Please send me a reply here: miawhi gmail. I get this message when I try to register. I ask for help but no one seems to be helping me. Thank you. Dont go to this tracker.

They sed it is the BEST solution … still in test.. Never had a seedbox and never will, just no need for one at all. Plenty of freeleech and easy to maintain ratio. There is no forcing you to buy anything, ie seedboxes.

If you have a good enough ratio you move up to classes that only require 6 days seeding on a torrent and the God Class is jusat 4 days seeding. They force you to seed back?! Only rich nerds with lots of spare time can do that, while the average joe is out of luck! Private trackers are unfair! And this one seems to be worst of all!! I heard they punish you, just for brakeing some stupid rules, that the staff made up themselves!

Ethan, are you serious? What the hell gave you that idea? This is standard procedure with private trackers. Looking for fresh buyers? Receive tons of people who are ready to buy sent directly to your website. Boost your profits fast. Start seeing results in as little as 48 hours. Content was nothing special and never had Bonus Points or Freeleechs until now, which was inexplicable and extremely unkind to seeders… Some wizards in the Staff seem to be updating with the hard times, and that is wise to survive.

TL never begged, but this seems to be changing as well. Keep up with the good work. They also recently deactivated or banned a new member that bought some games, cracked them and filled the requests for those games in less than a day.

Do you want to promote your advertisement on thousands of advertising sites monthly? For a small monthly payment you can get almost endless traffic to your site forever! But you have to seed them at least for 10 days per torrent. There is no way to buy your upload points to increase your ratio. This is where PrivateHD is better because you can buy upload points there. Author not required. Email not required. This signup has closed! Reply Anonymous Jan 14, pm thx. Reply Anonymous Mar 21, am fuck off do not use that torrentsite.

Reply Anonymous Mar 6, am yes bad site. Reply Anonymous Jul 14, pm why should you have my seedbox info dumbass. Reply Anonymous Nov 4, am you should suck a duck. Reply Anonymous Sep 14, am Very bad site. Reply Anonymous May 22, am Fuck you. TorrentLeech is an awesome torrent site. Reply Anonymous Dec 4, am ok your high when saying that goes smoke another. Reply Anonymous May 14, am Bullshit.

Reply Anonymous Nov 8, am how tf am i gonna get in there tho? TL does open registration from time to time at least. Reply Anonymous Mar 11, am lorte side. Reply ka ching Sep 14, pm thank you very much, now we know it …. Reply Anonymous Sep 14, pm Worst site ever. Reply pseudonym Jan 13, am piratebay users cant survive on TL, so fuck you.

Reply ka ching Sep 15, am you people are so fucking stupid,m it is easy to keep good ratio as anew user too, first download very new big file like movie hd then put in your torrent and seed it to tL whitout wasting your download, I builded like this very good ratio, cross seeding is helpful too. Reply claire Mar 19, am Downloading Crap to0 maintain rario is the most stupid thing someone can do — a site require such a shit id shit itself! Reply Anonymous Dec 4, am ka ching go smoke another dreamer.

Reply asur Sep 15, pm I have cross seeding and NO luck until now … is clear for me that this site has no interests in new comers. Reply Anonymous Sep 16, am I got great ratio. Reply Anonymous Apr 3, am Indeed the site is good but maintaining a good ratio on it is hard af. Reply Anonymous Dec 4, am omg another guy thinks torrentllech is all that another dreamer. Reply t2can Sep 16, am fuck this site,registration doesnt want to work. Reply Opentrackers. Reply asur Sep 16, pm Mate you are dumber than me if you say that you got good ratio.

SO …sorry for you mate — but I will not use this site :. Reply Bobo Bohannon Sep 24, pm The truth of the matter is that you have to have a fast seedbox on this site, as it is full of members using them. Reply Nasuno Feb 19, pm SeedBoxes are cheap anyhow so who cares. Reply Nasuno Feb 19, pm Also, the delay in downloading for new members is to weed out people like you. Reply Anonymous May 4, am asur — I got good ratio too and started out of nothing. Reply Anonymous Dec 4, am asur all you torrentleech people keep on smoking your all still sleeping if you think tl is all that its crap………..

Reply Anonymous Sep 21, am Thank you very much! Be Happy. Reply Anonymous May 22, am no bonus points no freeleech the fuck is the point of this tracker? Reply Anonymous May 22, am like shit. Reply Anonymous May 26, am Torrent Leech is good but hard to start. Easier for seedbox users, but even without you can get ahead. Reply Nope May 29, am Sandbox? Cross seed?

Reply Anonymous Oct 28, pm People like you are why there are public trackers. Reply Anonymous Jun 16, am TL is a great site with plenty of content for everyone. Reply Anonymous Jul 3, pm Previous member for many years. Reply pseudonym Jan 13, am yes i was banned too, without a warning.. Just download, great speeds, big and nice archive That said, they ban people who cheat their ratio, because growing ratio is how you overcome the initial limitations.

Reply Anonymous Sep 29, am Have been a user many years with ratio above 2. Reply dudju Jan 12, pm cool thx. Reply NewGuy Jan 13, am Cool, thanks. By the way, do you have any advice on how to start? Reply Anonymous Jan 13, am Salut les tapette. Reply Bob Jan 13, am Its not the best place to join as your first private tracker.

Reply pseudonym Jan 13, am wow, finally! Reply Anonymous Jan 13, am load of shite commercial site run as a business. Reply Anonymous Jan 13, pm ze ghek sha cha eini lslo naganaga! Reply Anonymous Jan 13, pm Thank you for informing! Reply Anonymous Jan 14, am This site is the worst. Reply Carlos Jan 14, am Probably, one of the best trackers in the world.

Reply Anonymous Jan 14, am Error: This invitation code is not valid! Reply Anonymous Jan 14, pm invitation code no longer valid :. Reply h3X0r Jan 15, pm Too bad that some old rare x releases are not seeded, or they arte just not in there, also some of the great TL movie packs as IMDB best movies in p, are not seeded anymore, shame, because this would be the best thing on this tracker, otherwise there is nothing special about it.

Reply Anonymous Jan 15, pm Site and tracker are dead from yesterday. That goes to show how much TL cares about old, dedicated users. Reply Anonymous Jan 20, pm TL has huge 0day resource,video trainning material. I love TL. Reply Anon Apr 20, pm One need only listen to the answers from fellow members of this cult-like community and you want double condoms on the seed line for the rest of their lives.

Reply rol3x Jun 7, pm Ppl who say this site is lame are not on the site clearly, Iv bin a member since 08 and have had no issues seeding from my shit home connection. Reply Anonymous Jun 26, pm Word. Reply snowman Jun 27, am Stupid people and lazy! Reply Itsame Jun 27, am This was the first private tracker I had an account on.

Reply Anonymous Aug 29, pm lol seed games.. Reply Douban Jun 27, am awesome ,, the signup successded! Reply tjblues Jun 30, pm An error occurred Application error. Please report to staff. Error Code: 0 can someone help with this issue.

Reply torrent search engines Jul 2, pm thankyou. Reply Anonymous Jul 4, pm Thanks a lot!

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