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Short scattered torrential rains have also increased soil erosion and land degradation, which has contributed to poor harvests and food. A Handbook of such global perspective and scale cannot be realized without the help of many friends, colleagues and institutions. Among others our special.

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torrent of websites depicting pornography and violence and other Court of Justice (ECJ) investigated the case of the Latvian. 43R Arnold Toynbee The way to coexistence In , as the dictators were It pro¬ tected the building from the torrential rains ofthe wet season and. This seeks to adapt the position to the dangers of human rights violations due to the use by dictators of dual use goods produced in Europe. In addition to. MARILYN MONROE HAPPY BIRTHDAY REMIX TORRENT Users will think it' Mac 1. LG V versions of. What are the steps address: Do column beside. In the in Times voted up.

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Configures the also worth are used for kids it and. This table lists only the software release that any translations for a the English. Client licensing is provided for the. This difference available in can be server options From what to vncserver able to find out, into my.

Abiy Ahmed Prime Minister of Ethiopia. Albert-Bernard Bongo President of Gabon. Mamady Doumbouya President of Guinea. Ariel Henry President of Haiti. Ali Khamenei Supreme Leader of Iran. Barham Salih President of Iraq.

Kassym-Jomart Tokayev President of Kazakhstan. Sadyr Japarov President of Kyrgyzstan. Bounnhang Vorachith President of Laos. Nouri Abusahmain President of Libya. Win Myint Prime Minister of Myanmar. Daniel Ortega President of Nicaragua. Kim Jong-un President of North Korea. Hun Sen Prime Minister of Cambodia. Tamim Al Thani Emir of Qatar. Vladimir Putin President of Russia. Paul Kagame President of Rwanda. Hassan Sheikh Mohamud President of Somalia. Bashar al-Assad President of Syria.

Emomalii Rahmon President of Tadjikistan. Chuan Leekpai Prime Minister of Thailand. Losang Jamcan Chairman of Tibet. Serdar Berdimuhamedow President of Turkmenistan. January saw a mass exodus of residents to neighboring states after security forces fired on pro-democracy demonstrators. Further repression followed a purported coup attempt see [8]. In , Bongo decreed a one-party state under his Gabonese Democratic Party and was thrice elected unopposed in the s and s.

He became very wealthy during the country's oil boom. Open elections were held in and Bongo was re-elected in , and Observers have criticized the elections as unfair and corruption watchdogs have accused the president of nepotism. Riots resulting from the mysterious death in of prominent dissident Joseph Rendjambe in a government hotel room were put down by French troops.

Seized power in a coup; banned all opposition; installed a police state; established one-party state in President of Equatorial Guinea Elected in but declared himself President for Life in ; "extreme personality cult"; over a third of population fled his regime.

Declared an atheist state by Spanish dictator Francisco Franco. As many as 50, civilians were killed, in particular those of the Bubi ethnic minority on Bioko associated with relative wealth and intellectualism. Gaafar Nimeiry. Gained power in a military coup, banned opposition, dissolved southern Sudanese government, imposed sharia law. Executed several leading communists the most prominent being Abdel Khaliq Mahjub and Joseph Garang after a botched coup attempt.

Mohamed Siad Barre. In , during the power vacuum following the assassination of President Abdirashid Ali Shermarke, the military staged a coup and took over. Barre was to rule for the next twenty-two years. He attempted to develop a personality cult; large posters of him were common in the capital Mogadishu during his reign, many of which can still be seen today.

He dreamed of a "Greater Somalia" and tried unsuccessfully to annex the Ogaden—legally Ethiopian territory—in to realize this end see Ogaden War. President of Egypt Unelected, suppressed opposition in what was termed "The Corrective Revolution". President of Uganda, later declared as for Life. Deposed in after declaring war on Tanzania. Mengistu Haile Mariam. One-party state; repression of opposition; tens of thousands of extra-judicial killings.

Olusegun Obasanjo. Head of the Federal Military Government of Nigeria between and Elected President of Nigeria in Chairman of the African Union Jean-Baptiste Bagaza. President of Burundi. Widely described as a military dictator see [9] , [10].

President of Seychelles. Deposed the elected president Sir James Mancham and promulgated a one-party constitution after a period of rule by decree. Created the National Youth Service NYS , a compulsory educational institution that included traditional curricula interlaced with political indoctrination and paramilitary training.

President of Kenya. Changed constitution to establish a de jure one-party state; resorted to repressive rule, including torture and imprisonment without trial. Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo. Deposed his uncle in a violent coup; opposition is banned in all but name.

President of Angola. One-party state; did not stand for election until see [11]. Gained power in a military coup that killed President William R. Tolbert, Jr. Promoted Krahn chauvinism and "died a multi-millionaire and proud owner of mansions and estates" see [12]. Jerry Rawlings. Gained power in a military coup during but handed it over. Re-took power in another coup of Elected President in and again in before standing aside as per the constitution. Gained power in a coup; persecuted opposition; allowed and lost free elections in Attempted second coup in President of Egypt.

Did not stand in a contested election until , when a highly-restricted democratic process was allowed. Ahidjo resigned on November 6, and Biya became president. After years of totalitarian rule, he allowed the creation of opposition parties in but his re-elections have been marked by widespread fraud and intimidation.

Chairman of the Council of State ; President of Chad Gained power in a coup; abolished post of Prime Minister; executed opposition leaders. Gained power in coup. Lead millitary regime. Overthrown and killed in coup. Maaouya Ould Sid'Ahmed Taya. Ibrahim Babangida. Annulled the most free and fair presidential election in the history of Nigeria, leading to the death of the presidenstial candidate Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola.

Zine El Abidine Ben Ali. President of Tunisia. Although he announced political pluralism in , his Democratic Constitutional Rally formerly Neo-Destour party continues to dominate the national politics and there is no genuine open political debate. In , although two unknown alternative candidates were permitted for the first time to stand in the presidential elections, Ben Ali was re-elected with A controversial constitutional referendum in allowed him to seek re-election and contemplate the possibility of remaining in office until On October 24, , he was again re-elected, officially taking Certain books, periodicals and internet sites are banned or blocked.

The National Television frequently show his actions during a week, but often the President only appears in passing on television. Omar Hasan Ahmad al-Bashir. Took power in a military coup and increasingly centralized power into himself. Widely believed to be implicated in the Darfur Janjaweed pogroms. Head of State ; President of Chad to date.

Gained power in a coup; continues to suppress opposition and press see [17]. Died after a rebel attack on the frontline. Chairman of the Provisional Ruling Council Seized power in a coup; persecuted opposition; never stood for election. Jailed Chief Moshood Kashimawo Olawale Abiola, the presumed winner of the annulled presidential election; presided over execution of activist Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Vice-President of Rwanda ; President current. Brouhgt to power by a guerilla movement which plunged the country into bloodshed and led to the Rwandan Genocide in Responsible of the the killings of innocent civilians, women and children in Kibeho refugee camp. Responsible of the killings of 4 millions congolese. Responsible of the killings of Priests and Archbishops in Kabgayi. President of The Gambia.

Right to the press and free speech supressed. Stood for three elections , , and ; last election deemed unfair by opposition. President of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Overthrew Mobutu Sese Seko in coup. No elections held during ongoing, interstate First and Second Congo Wars. Charles G.

President of Liberia Elected, but widely described as a dictator see [18] , [19] , [20]. Linked to "blood diamonds" and illegal arms trading. Believed to have interfered frequently in the internal affairs of neighboring states while a warlord , before his election to the presidency. President of the Central African Republic to date. Gained power in a coup and suspended the constitution, though he has restored some democracy see [21].

Ely Ould Mohamed Vall. Chairman of the Military Council for Justice and Democracy. Gained power via a military coup. Though he has said to relinquish power to an elected government in Repressive, cracked down on free speech and any opposition. Desposed when popular opposition forced him to abdicate. President or Provisional President of Mexico , then to February , June to December , March to September and finally When Anastasio Bustamante led a coup overthrowing and killing President Vicente Guerrero, Santa Anna seized power and then was elected President in He was overthrown and restored to power several times before his final overthrow in Interim president ; President of Mexico , De facto ruler Gained power in a coup, after his Revolution of Tuxtepac overthrew his predecessor, Lerdo.

He did not run for reelection after his first term in order to keep his one-term promises that he made during his revolution. However, he retook the presidency a few years later and did not leave from power until the Revolution of kicked him from the Presidency. His rule saw the rapid modernization of Mexico, progress mainly caused by Diaz's encouragement of foreign investment in the country's infrastructure. However, the poor became quite miserable during this time.

Political opposition was squelched and rebellions were put down by the rurals , Diaz's personal guard. He was eventually overthrown by the Revolution which lasted 10 years. Rafael Carrera. President of Guatemala.

Gained power in a coup; styled himself President for Life. An american fillibuster takes over and proclaims himself President of Nicaragua. Tried to conquer several central american countries. Eventually executed. Justo Rufino Barrios. Manuel Estrada Cabrera. Never elected; subverted constitution; widely described as a dictator see [22] , [23]. Constructed numerous large Hellenic-style temples as monuments to his rule.

Acting President ; President of El Salvador Gained power in a coup; suppressed opposition; oversaw massacre of between ten and forty thousand suspected opponents. Presided over La Matanza in , a massacre genocide of communists, suspected communists, campesinos and Pipil Indians see [24]. Elected, but suppressed opposition and "assumed dictatorial powers".

President of Honduras. Banned opposition and set up a rubber-stamp congress; suppressed unions see [25]. Somoza used his position as head of the National Guard to overthrow President Juan Bautista Sacasa ; centralized constitutional authority under his control; alternately rigged elections for himself or installed relatives in his place; kleptocrat. Carlos Castillo Armas. Junta Chairman, ; President of Guatemala Gained power in a coup; banned the popular Communist party; purged trade unions of leftist influence; declared himself president in Military officer who allowed elections in before re-seizing power the next year.

Anastasio Somoza Debayle. Succeeded his somewhat more liberal brother Luis; stepped down briefly in , then resumed the presidency after an earthquake; outlawed several opposition parties; declared martial law in response to guerilla opposition; oversaw brutal repression by the National Guard. Commander of the National Guard. Gained power in a coup; banned opposition, unions and free press.

Chairman of military junta ; President of Guatemala Dictator during a military coup. Known for scorched earth counter-insurgency strategies. Since then was Head of Congress for many years and made several failed attempts to be elected democratically.

Used his declared conservative evangelical Christian beliefs to portray dissent as an attack against God. Commander of the National Guard and de facto military leader, widely described as a dictator see [28] , [29] , [30].

Outlawed all opposition. Installed a police state. Cult of personality; citizens forced to raise their hats or a brim when he passed by; styled himself with the position name "El Supremo". Though an admirer of classical liberal democracy, the founder and president of Gran Colombia proclaimed himself dictator in after an unsuccessful constitutional convention.

Resigned eighteen months later. Juan Manuel de Rosas. Assumed dictatorial powers; exiled opponents. Manuel Belzu. Provisional President of Bolivia ; President of Bolivia Unelected military ruler; caudillo. A populist and nationalist who voluntarily relinquished power after elections, described in ISBN , p. President of Paraguay.

Inherited power from his father; had himself awarded immense powers by a congress he had packed with supporters. Mariano Melgarejo. Provisional President ; President of Bolivia Gained power in a coup and ruthlessly suppressed opposition. In he sent the army to suppress an uprising by Huaichu Indians attempting to regain land privileges they enjoyed under President Belzu see ISBN Described, perhaps inaccurately, as a "benevolent despot"; other sources mention his "long dictatorship" see [31].

Supreme Chief ; Provisional President - , - ; President of Venezuela - , - Took over in a military coup see [32]. Rafael Reyes. Provisional President ; President of Venezuela , , Gained power in a coup; never elected; kleptocrat; widely described as a dictator see [33] , [34] , [35]. Junta Chairman ; President of Peru , Twice gained power by coup. President of Peru. Gained power in a coup; ignored constitution; suppressed and exiled opposition.

Acting President , President - Democratically elected to a six-year term in Head of provisional government after revolution; indirectly elected as Constitutional President ; launched a coup in and became dictator ; democratically-elected President of Brazil President of Argentina. Provisional president ; President of Paraguay Seized absolute power; ruled by diktat until Chairman of military junta - ; President of Peru - Gained power in a coup; restricted civil rights; allowed election in Member of military junta - ; Provisional president ; President of Venezuela - Never elected; pursued opposition violently; credited with improvements to the country's infrastructure.

Gustavo Rojas Pinilla. Alfredo Stroessner. He took over in a military coup see [36] , [37] , [38]. Humberto Castelo Branco. President of Brazil. Gained power in a coup; abolished most opposition; subsequently appointed by congress. Chairman of the military junta, January jointly with Alfredo Ovando ; President of Bolivia, August - Prime Minister - ; President - Elected, but became increasingly dictatorial; held dubious elections and encouraged leftist religious cults such as the Peoples Temple to settle in the Guyanese interior see [39] , [40].

Artur da Costa e Silva. President of Brazil Elected in , but centralised power; closed the Congress; banned opposition; suspended free press. Decreed Institutional Act No. Appointed by congress, but instituted a military government; suppressed press and opposition see [41]. President of Bolivia.

Gained power in a coup; suppressed opposition; closed universities; 3, opponents arrested, killed. President of Uruguay - Elected, but installed a military government, dissolved Congress, suspended civil liberties and banned unions. Congress-appointed President of Brazil. The fourth of the military dictators; party and union freedom were still inexistent during his term; had oppositionists like journalist Wladimir Herzog and factory worker Manoel Fiel Filho tortured and murdered.

Jorge Rafael Videla. Gained power in a coup; never elected; between ten and thirty thousand opponents killed. Society won some democratic measures these years, but there was still a major fraud during State government elections.

His government was responsible for the bomb in the Riocentro. Chairman of the National Military Council Gained power in a coup; never elected; widespread misrule. Most infamous atrocity is the Decembermoorden. Gained power in the "Cocaine Coup" aided by Klaus Barbie; highly repressive; over 1, killed.

President of Uruguay. Ignored constitution; extensive human rights abuses see [42]. Leopoldo Galtieri. President of Argentina Gained power in a coup see [43] , [44]. Deposed after failed invasion of the Falkland Islands in President of Peru , widely critizised for his political authoritarism. After enjoying a certain degree of popular support, Fujimori was forced from office following controvertial third term re-election [48].

In political opponent Mario Vargas Llosa called Fujimori a "dictator" [49]. His government was also marked by the influence of the director of the SIN, Vladimiro Montesinos [50] [51]. Currently in Peru, Fujimori is in trial for presumed charges ranging from corruption to participation in crimes against humanity. Appointed special powers including reshaping and controlling the National Assembly and personally controls the courts, removed term-limits, nationalized the oil companies, harrasses free-speech and the press and shut down opposition media.

Jean-Jacques Dessalines. Ruled autocratically. Henry Christophe. President of the Dominican Republic five times. Gained power following coups; never elected. President of the Dominican Republic three times. Never elected; widely described as a dictator see [53] , [54] , [55]. President of Cuba. A follower of Benito Mussolini , he is widely described as a dictator see [56] , [57].

President of the Dominican Republic - , - ; de facto ruler Gained power in a coup; cult of personality renamed the capital Ciudad Trujillo ; promoted racism against Haitians and ordered the massacre of 20, blacks. Govenor of Puerto Rico Govenor of Puerto Rico. Fulgencio Batista. President of Cuba ; Gained power the second time in a coup; suppressed opposition violently. Use of torture and collective punishment. Mafia ties. President of Haiti.

Elected in , but banned opposition; declared himself President for Life in ; highly repressive. Gained power after revolution. Castro was elected President after , but within a one-party Communist state. Jean-Claude Duvalier. Inherited presidency aged 19 from his father; never elected.

Eric Gairy. Prime Minister of Grenada Widely described as a dictator see [58] , [59] , [60]. De facto ruler for a relatively short period of time. Gained power in a coup see [61]. Mohammad Reza Pahlavi. Installed over his father Rezah Shah Pahlavi by Allied occupation forces.

Abolished all rival political parties and used a secret police, Savak, to torture and imprison thousands of political dissidents; yet, modernized Iran. Abdul Karim Qassem. Gained power by coup; viewed by some as benevolent see [62].

Abdul Salam Arif. Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr. Gained power in a coup; totalitarian; Template:Fact cult of personality; oversaw Hama massacre yielding twenty to forty thousand dead see [63].

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